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After about a week away just wanted to say what's up to everyone and hope you've all been doing swell and killing the tables and repping BRM proudly.

Took just about a week off completely to take care of some life stuff and feel recharged and better than ever.

First day back and first FINAL TABLE HYPE! That's right your boy TheIrish77 is back at it and finding the groove quickly.

Playing a $2.50 180 player Turbo on Stars and sitting 3/7 currently with $12.31 locked up so far.

rail if you want !

ouch just lost AK vs 66 and they hold for villain.

Made over 17$ for this run so pretty solid and still have 2 more runs going and already in cash in 1 so all in all good day.

Probably could've folded as he jammed from UTG1 and had nothing invested. Too bad just hit big hand to move into 3rd.

On to the next one

Wow now in 2nd spot in a 1.10$ Hyper after this hand hits on river...

More than 300$ up top for this run!

Edited by TheIrish77 (22 February 2018 @ 20:41 GMT)

good day Smile

I did play the 2,50 sit and gos,...
But you have to have a descent bankroll of atleast 150 x
Cus its sooo variance ,...but when u doing good its fun to grind,...
because the time frame it takes to get to FT...

Good luck with the tournaments you playing ore going to play tonight,. Thumbs Up

It's great to see our boy back and doing so well on the tables. A very nice final table result for you and it is always frustrating when you lose and coin flip and i would have definitely called with Ace King

Hey, TheIrish! We missed you here a lot. I hope you've rested well and now are ready for crushing the PS tables again! From my experience, after 1-2 weeks of rest I always play better than before. I hope the same is for you. $300- pretty nice result, keep going!

Hi, irish congratulation for your achievement! Still love play hyper, lol ? Never hear your achievement in normal tourney, do you never play it ? boring with them cause too slow ? I play worse at hyper, got a lot of squeeze . Good luck

AQo vs 99
- You won a big flip! I have often noticed some players elect to 3-bet shove a pocket pair lower than Tens, or King Jack, Ace Ten, etc., in certain situations. Was that a justifiable shove ICM-wise in this case?

Many congratulations on your impressive performance, TheIrish77.

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (23 February 2018 @ 12:43 GMT)

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