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I create an acount tracket with BRM. They give me 5 tickets, i used it, I won three of them. Then i thinked It´s could be a good room for play (BRM friendly), and I verified my acount (send scanned ID and a bill) They aprobed this stuff and i made a little deposit for probe the sistem. ERROR!!!! my acount was blocked out and a IGGsecurity network say that i need to say them what is my nickname (???), I send them it. Then they needed to confirm my documents. The scanned are no good, they needed a photo of them (?). I made and sent it. Then they sent me this message "We would like to note that we have successfully received your documents. But we need an additional verification document for confirmation. Please provide us with one photograph of all of the following three documents shown together: a government issued ID, a proof of residence, and a memo (a memo can be a piece of paper with your Nickname handwritten on it) clearly showing your Nickname 'GERte'."
Very angry I do it and sent it.
Now they send me this message "GGNetwork does not permit the use of any 3rd-party program. We would like to inform you that you have used a program that is not permitted on GGNetwork and this corresponding act is a violation of our network policy. In addition, we would like to inform you that the use of a program that is not permitted on our network is considered a harmful and unfair act to our network environment."
Really it´s 5 Dimension case. Do you believe?
I would like that an administrator of BRM take notice of that and do something...

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Well I dont know what to say about this!its very strange and everything happend after you made deposit on site!you did sent lot of documents and this still didnt enoufgh for them and after everything they say that you didnt use right program!wtf?this must be some big scam!

why did you post same topic twice ? didn't continue your info at old threat ? I wish admin read this and help you. Before some poker site have official at this forum and clarify all the problem we have. Hope they do the same.

Unfortunately there's not much we can do from here.

Closing this thread as you already have another recent thread on Breakout Poker:

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