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he main thing that is happening at the moment is that .... that I received a ticket for $ 20,000 .... which will happen on Sunday .... and Sunday I will try to win some big money .... Well of course it is not serious because every 4 minutes damn stakes rise .... and therefore If I can only say that in great luck

I received yesterday second ticket for $20.000 Ice Cold Freeroll, but for approximate 10 days i did not play too much poker.
I played a few satellites, 4-5 tournaments of $ 5.50 and freerolls of course.
I was busy with Christmas and now i will put the strategy for the new year in his place. Big Smile

Hey CALICUL are you working of Santa? Are you the man dress in red that goes into the houses and leave there some gifts? A friend of mine has a claim about the infatuation of his wife! Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
I´m not playing too, I´m a bit bore and tired, I think that maybe I have to take some poker´s holiday. This is the first year that I played poker all the time! Sleepy

You must to play, if you win some money.
You really need some money, becase the life in Argentina it's not too good.
I also need money, but i really have other things to do.
I will play when i have time and don't forget tonight is the $ 20 k Ice Cod freeroll.
Maybe you will win something good if you have a ticket for this game.

I can´t play the beautiful $ 20.000 Ice Cold freeroll Disagree I would have to play 50 SnG tournaments in six days, and I don´t make it. As I told, I´m don´t playing too much in these days. First I was busy with the learning material and then I was tired and without desire. Really I never had to play poker all the days for a year!

I played yesterday in that tournament and i won $ 2.
I have another ticket for next Sunday and i have not played too much poker.
It's beautiful to catch a final table but it's too hard.
We do not have the good luck in this software.
Certainly the players who make good wagering catch a good cards. Smile

About the wheel and her gift, I'm little annoing because she give my gift all the days, but....are tickets for a tournament ($1000 Super thrill) that will finish in three days, I only can play it one for each day...and I have 5

I managed to make a wager for several bonus I got a lot of gold coin for my 160 level for which I received $ 240 since I replaced gold coins for cash but I got a mail message that I can not use more of their promotion, bonus and other stuf.. ,thats not normal Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

There are some terms and conditions and you have to read them.
You can not do wager repeatedly in a short period of time only for bonuses.
Another user of BRM has been restricted for several months because he did the same thing or something like that and he abused some promotions or bonuses.
The rules of 888 poker must be respected. Blink

Hey qwertolog and semikarla, as we say in my country "Do not count coins in front of the poor" you have to think in the little players like me, that with my almost +30 level, have only one gift for each week! You have to make one thread about "The problems to be rich and/or get too many gifts from the wheel of fortune" Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

That might be the reason with the bonuses.
I have not seen this in a poker site, but this term there is in several casino sites,
which they clearly declare you can take one bonus after another.
They require real money play between them first, as a requirement to be eligible to get
a new bonus.

As usual I am getting only a few rewards from the 888 winter spinny wheel but nonetheless I keep playing it twice daily (once on pc and once on mobile after 17.00GMT) and Jeep occasionally playing at 888 but need to up my play rate I think to start getting back into better rewards. Good luck to you all who have tickets for the $20000 game.

Ticket for $20.000 Ice Cold Freeroll can be easily obtained if you play few games.
I won three tickets and i played in two tournaments.
Sunday will be the third game.
That is not important because it's very hard to win some good money.
The ticket is easy to get and for promotions or bonuses you do not have to abuse by them.
It's very simple. Smile

You have the reason CALICUL as always! There isn´t a mystery to obtain the ticket to $ 20.000 Ice Cold freeroll: You have to invest $ 20 in a week for each one. Is easy, if you play by $ 60 or more for a week, you have three tickets in your pocket. Only the little mortal players like me has a problem with invest more than $ 60 in a week Disagree

You do not have to invest 60 dollars for this ticket.
You have to invest less.
I do not play a lot these days, but in a short period of time i won these tickets very easily.
However, this ticket does not really matter because it's hard and i focus on other things or games. Smile

This week I think that I could make it. I was playing a few SnG and today I may play it again Cool I´m near to the $ 20 that I need to get one of them (and $ 20 x 3 tickets is $ 60 CALICUL my friend). But the wheel of fortune only gives to pajalnick a ticket to this big freeroll, he has a better contract with her Big Smile

I do not know how to calculate to receive this ticket, but i think it's less than $ 20 for one entry in 20.000 dollars Ice Cold freeroll.
Anyway, i hope you get a new ticket for Sunday and to win some money because this thing it gives you wings.
888 is a good room for you and his Sit-and-Go are acceptable. Smile

Thanks to God, I haven´t to calculate the wager to take the ticket! It is written in the "Challenges" space "Get one $20,000 Ice Cold Freeroll ticket for each challenge completed within one week:

Play Tournaments:
Play poker tournaments with buy-ins totalling $20 including BLAST
Rebuys do not count towards the challenge."

Obviously, in the Romanian lobby you don´t see this...or you didn´t find it? Sometimes you have problems to find this thing...

It is ether you are having different requirements to get the ticket you are talking about,
or one of you havent noticed the whole thing properly.
No matter what it id a good freeroll with that prize pool, and if you can get a ticket
often, it can lead to a good pay out Smile

Yes, i have the problems to find these things and for this reason, i quit looking for myself.
At this point i have two tickets and tonight over 3 hours and 25 minutes i will play one ticket.
Do not forget about this game, if you have ticket.
Mober, I think this rule is for everyone the same, but i did not notice.
If the calculation is per week, is the same rule for all. Smile

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