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I tried very hard to play good poker and i did not solve anything.
I really do not understand why i can not to advance in tournaments and i earn just a little money.
I'm not a weak player but i see with my eyes what's going on...
That is the situation and i'm disappointed.
Probably 888 will become a Pokerstars for me, and me i play very rarely in Pokerstars.

CALICUL, Take a look at how you play poker and then take a look at how those people who beat you play poker. Is there a difference? The answer is probably yes. It sounds like you are focussed on your cards rather than the situation in each hand that you find yourself in. Switch your game around and don’t focus on your cards, but focus on your situation.

CALICUL my friend, how you tried hard to play good poker? I don´t read anything about your learning and the experience could only be repeating some mistake one time and another, because you had luck with it sometimes. The matter on damosk be telling is capital. Think in ranges, not in a specific pair, think in the situation (position, stacks, kind of villain, stage...) not only in your hand. Here is a good place to chat about it Blink

My game is ok but the software is not ok.
He is an enemy for me.
He is guilty and very little players.
I do not play poker from today or yesterday.
I also sent some emails.
I also made a little withdrawal two months ago and since then, they are very frustrated.
There is no point to talk about it.
I know what i saw and my questions to which they did not answer.
I do not want to tell more things here. Smile

You make me remember an article in a poker´s web magazine, about the patterns. There is written that the human mind always is looking for patterns because it helps to make a structured reasoning and the reason is her field. So in poker, which is a game with a great variance presence and information incomplete, the mind tries to fill the wholes with suppositions. Good article!

I do not want to read articles except in Romanian language because in this way i understand very well.
Only in this way i can learn very easy and memorize better.
If the poker room is hostile with me, then i must to avoid it.
The world is crazy to make money and i do not want to play just to lose. Smile

If you say the way, here, in this thread is where you can write about the fixed software. Here is where you can tell about conspiracy. We discover here, thank the pajalnick case (what about pajalnick? Maybe on holidays trip...). You remember, pajalnick was won a ticket for the $ 20.000 Ice Cold, the system doesn´t put it in his account, he claimed, and magically the wheel gave him one of then, although it never was in the wheel Confused

Pajalnick has the place where he works.
He's more attentive at his workplace. Vaci38 same.
I have more free time and then i write a comment and i save it.
I post him later at the same time with the other saved comments.
I learned this thing from Tony_MON7ANA.
I saw how he did and i remembered.
I played at a table with Pajalnick in 888 Poker two months ago but i did not talk to him.
He does not play very much if he loses.
He does not care about his bankroll. Smile

Do you say that they are in vacations so they don´t write in the threads? Maybe...but then vaci38 has a really long holiday time!! I envious a bit of this. I saw to pajalnick in a table of a freeroll in Snow Grey around one month ago, he seems a good player to me.
And what about the wheel of fortune conspiracy? Where you have to talk about the fixed software you avoid it! Big Smile

I did not say he was on vacation in this moment.
They were on vacation, but now they are busy with their jobs.
They earn money there through the salary they receive in every month.
They do not always want to write comments because this thing takes time.
If i do not try to play too much poker in 888 in the last year, then i was not wasting my time to write many comments here.
I played poker and wrote comments.
If i earn some money in poker or sports betting, then i will take a break and i will rarely write these comments on BRM.

And you don´t work CALICUL my friend? Give me the formula, please! I´m working all the weeks and I´m really worried about the time when I will can´t do it. My retirement is my sentence, I´m really afraid of that. As you know, I started to think seriously in playing poker for this issue. And here I´m...trying to do it!

I work, but at work i have more free time to write comments and to play some cash or satellites.
In the evening i can play poker and i work from home.
I do not have to move at my job.
This is a very good thing because i do not waste my time with daily transport at work.
The thing is that others persons have to do this. Blink

Ideal situation! You don´t need clothing at all! The only problem that I might have would be obesity. How do you do to take care of it? I have an exceded weight although I go every day to my work. But my city is too small, and I go everywhere in my car. So I have to return to the gym in February and leave the car every so often Blink

I live in a big city for many countries in Europe.
The city has 2 million people officially and 3 million unofficially.
Is the capital of my country Bucharest.
I am not obese but i have a good stomach from beer. Smile
For me the clothes matter when i leave my home.
I'm just lucky because i have a job which is 15 seconds away from where my home is. Smile
That's why i have more time to play poker in 888.
My work does not require effort and i have time to play many satellites and other games.
I'm lucky but if i change my job then i will play more rarely poker or sport betting. Blink

This thread seems to no longer be about "Megaloop Spin in 888". Closing it.

There's a Chat Thread for general chatting:

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