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Aussie Poker Champ Charged with Cyclist's Death

Australian businessman and professional poker player Warwick Mirzikinian was issued a court attendance notice for dangerous driving and negligent driving occasioning death of an UberEATS delivery cyclist in Sydney. The incident occurred on November 13 last year when the Tesla of the poker champ hit the 26-year-old French cyclist, Julien Trameaux. Although there were no charges made at the time o[...]   Read more » Aussie Poker Champ Charged with Cyclist's Death

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If this Australian Warwick Mirzikinian drove chaotic and killed a man then to pay with jail. Each guilty should pay for his deeds. I do not care if he's a pro poker player or an super star, every man has to be responsible on the road. A driver passed with his car on my leg and i do not like idiot drivers.

What a tragic story this is and i really hope that justice can be found for this cyclist. If he did cause the death by reckless driving, he should be punished accordingly by the letter of the law

So many accidents in the streets. Everywhere have become worst drivers.
It is not only that the amount of vehicles has increased, but they cant stop
talking on the phones, texting etc, while driving.
At some point they had strict laws for all these here, but the police didnt do anything about it, enforcing them.

Hello my friends and fellow mobsters
That is a really sad news when some one dies do to a accident specially a bicycle rider Sad Sad
The roads are a very tough place in our days people don`t care about the other ones and that shows off on the road deaths
Hopefully justice will be made

this case and very sad because it is talking about a person who has lost his life in an accident I would love to have been highlighted in somebody place and sim that hurried off the guilty and reasons for it to be made justiça

No one should avoid punishment. Even if it's a movie-star, sport-star, poker-star or other star. It's very unfair, that famous people are judged morel lightly than normal man. It's sick!
If he's guilty - he should go to jail.

There is a strong chance of Warwick Mirzikinian getting sued by not only the victim's family but Uber Eats. He will likely face a long prison sentence for vehicular manslaughter, and he can be found liable in a civil case also.

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BankrollMob Forum » News » Aussie Poker Champ Charged with Cyclist's Death

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