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I feel stupid asking this, but I am a regular depositor at a certain casino. Yesterday, after I lost, I asked customer service if there were any free chips I would be eligible for and he added a $15.00 free chip (I only play slots). The maximum cash out is 100.00 and so is the minimum at this casino.

This is the way I understand this which is probably incorrect. If I made it through the play through requirements and got my balance up to $100.00 and wanted to cash out, by the time the fees required to do the cash out were deducted, I would only be receiving maybe $60 to $75.00. Would that void the rules if $100.00 is the max? Or do they take into account the fees before hand?

Also, say my balance got to $300.00, would I be allowed to cash out only $100.00 but deduct the fees from the remaining balance? I am so confused.

If someone could give me an example of how this works, I would so appreciate it.

Thank you all,

Hi and welcome

Without seeing the exact terms and conditions it is impossible to answer that, as it will change depending on the casino.

If you would like to put link here I will have a look for you

I agree to IceQueenAce but in the most times when i understand you right is then 100 the max you can cashout equal witch amount you have.
Sometimes when you get a bonus you can cashout all over 100€ maybe you got 160€ then is 160€ - 100€ Bonus you get only 60€

Depends on which casino you play and what their rules are,but as I can see you got a bonus the amount that can be up to $ 100 in many cases with this bonus you will need to make a wager x20 or x30 or x35 depends on which casino you play when you do all this then you will only get your winnings but the bonus you are given will not get on your account,I think you should tell where you are playing and what their rules are for someone to help you

I had a situation in one casino ... I won about 500 dollars after I received a no deposit bonus ..... but in the rules it was indicated that the maximum win from this bonus is $ 100 ..... therefore what was won over $ 100 is canceled ..... carefully read the rules for winning back the bonus so that there is no misunderstanding

Hi, Catcolt. Welcome to the forum.
Good luck turning your $15 free credit into a good sum of money. What are you going to do if you hit a huge jackpot? It's too bad that the maximum amount you can withdraw is set at $100!
Let us know how it went.

Yea ,..just like Icequeen Said,..
Show us the rules of the casino,..
You always need to read carefully,..
Also when u meet the requirments,...its also important ,..
to deposit without a bonus choiche otherwise u have to wager that to,..
And sometimes u have to wager once own money before withdraw Blink

Aww crap!

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