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It’s certainly difficult to plan poker for a game .... for this you need to understand for yourself what poker is for you .... if this is a game for entertainment .... you probably don’t need to plan .... you play as you are told heart ..... but if this is a game for making money, then you need a clear game plan ..... and follow it to prevent tilt

Exactly pajalnick! Until this year, I never had a plan for poker. I only played my freerolls, made some cents, sometimes I made a buy-in and never thought about any more than fun. But this year I`m proposing a different way. I´m trying to make to the poker a regular source of monthly resources. So I see and talk since this new position Blink

Well, this is an interesting decision .... Try if you can earn a game of poker for this rather unreliable lesson is much safer just to get paid at work and play poker only for pleasure sometime a few years ago I had such an idea to earn money to Poker but after several failed attempts I went back to normal work

Yes, this is true. If you do not play the games you like, then you'll be "a little disoriented" when you want to create a bankroll.
You have to quit playing those games that do not attract you.
Only good or professional players can play a variety of games with succes. Blink

Posted by pajalnick:
... but after several failed attempts I went back to normal work

The origin of my plan is the fact that in a year I haven´t a work anymore. When I turn 65, my retirement fall to me, and I will get the 60% of my current salary so, or I learn to play a winner poker or I learn to steal. If I could to make $ 500 on average by month, I could be very happy. I don´t leave other options, like an independent professional contract, but poker would be my autonomous source Blink

Each player wants to make money from poker, in every month or in every year, to have a good profit. If you are good at poker, your only enemy is the software, not the players.
If software does not offer cards, then your goal is not achieved and you will not make money.
That's sad for all the players. Sad

Some things I learned in a few weeks ago: the luck exists, the variance exists, the connexion problem exist, the software trouble exist, but you can´t control it. You have to concentrate on the matter that you can control: play the better poker that you can. If you do it, you can lose, but you can stay calm if you play well Blink

Until this moment i saw that: there in 888 poker was more luck, but not for me.
I do not have variants to change this thing, and money which i earn with the freerolls games, does not impress me, if i do not have it nice earnings in real money games.
It's terrible to play for poor money or for nothing. Sad

Everything depends on expectations, and what you think that you deserve. You may think that I was playing for years being happy when I won $ 0,50. I was even happy when I did not lose, despite my prize was $ 0,05, and I feel that if I could win $ 0,05 it wanted to say that I could be a winner and make a regular profit some day. For me, that day is coming and I´m very happy Smile

Two days ago i made some sports betting tickets.
7 tickets with one dollar bet on each.
One of them was lucky and i won 258 dollars.
If 888 is not generous with me when i playing certain games, where i can earn more money, then i have to win at sports betting. Smile

As you know, I don´t play any bets. So I don´t know which are the probabilities and the variance, I don´t know if you could take control of some variables or all is only luck. If you can control something, then you have to calculate which is your possibility of win in relation with the amount of bet that you do. Blink

I know, you do not play sports bets, but i was referring to me.
I wanted to say: if i do not earn money from poker as much as i want, at least to win with sport bets.
I know you do not play casino and bets.
I hope you have more success in poker because you will be more focused with this. Blink

I understand you my friend CALICUL. I was trying to ask you about the bets. If the betting (or you at least) have something of mathematics support to playing in a winner way. I read here, for example, that if you are winning you have to duplicate your invest, and if you are losing you have to reduce your investment a half. Is there something of it?

First, to calculate the risk of each bet or kind of bet, and to deduce your probabilities of win. I hear about bets 10:1, 8:2, etc., and this is the risk that you assume to make the bet, but there is no more than this? For example, I read somewhere about a technic to play roulette, especially to bet to the color. You know something about it?

I bet money with more matches on a ticket.
I bet 50 cent tickets $1, $1.50, $2 or $2.50.
I bet on results, + or - 2,5 goals scored, only pause, pause-final, if both teams score or not and a few other options.
I bet from two matches on the ticket up to 10.
I do not know what you mean by duplicate but my invest is not so big and is ok.
I won few times Dollar but not so much.
Some people bet higher amounts on 2-3 matches and if they win, profit is a few times more.
Where can i read the thing with duplicate?

I ask if in the betting exist something like the calculate of the ODDs, Pot Odds, implicit odds, equity, etc. All the mathematics matter in the poker game. If you don´t know but you like to bet, I think that you have to Google it. In my country, in specific circles, you can find books where is writing about "infallible" formulas to win in the roulette, that have the generic name "martingala". Good luck Blink

These things are in most countries.
When you bet, these odds is calculated with X.
For example you want to bet on 3-4 matches on a single ticket.
The odds are 1.50 x 1.70 x 1.60 x 1.55.
The final odd is 6.324.
If you invest $ 10, you win approximate $ 60.
Now it also depends on the amounts stopped as a tax.
If you bet on two matches with odds 2 and 2.10, you can win $ 42 from which they will stop the tax. If they stop the tax ahead, then you will win $ 42.
I do not know how this law works in Argentina, but you can be interested in the internet.
You will easily find what you are looking for.
Good luck Smile

I was reading a book "In the path of a poker winner" of C.Zuviria that has a chapter of betting theory. Really, it`s not for me! I will make my poker`s project and then, when I win my first million...i could see where I invest it! Big Smile Big Smile By the way, I don´t find the same proportion of gamblers in the poker`s table that I found in the past. The invasion is ended?

Perhaps, the matter with the poker`s gambler is that they living in the micro stages and in the freerolls. I´m playing in the next category of micro stage, I be there but in a high step. I´m a dwarf who grew one-centimeter Big Smile And in my current level, the gambler there are not many! Big Smile Instead here are a lot of fishes...I´m playing here! Big Smile

If you manage to win a million of dollars from poker you do not have to invest all money.
Online Poker is no longer what it was a few years ago.
Pokerstars has lost many players because of his horrible software when he offers bad beats.
Full tilt is dead with the new software.
About the other poker rooms, i can not say they are full of players, because it is not.
If the Americans will return at the tables, then we have the big chances of earning more money because the prizes will be more fat. Cool

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