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You make a point that isn´t in the menu: the fixed software. I was telling about the crazy players that make moves that haven´t anything relation with poker, almost a lottery betting. Then I thought that that is good for the good players because in this way they may win money. And I thought that if I want to win money I have to be a good player and I´m studying to that. If you have the reason and all is a lie, I would be losing my time! Sad

It is also lie and truth, but for us is more lie my friend.
They do not respect us, just as they do with professional players.
Their software is very generous with the players that run many money but with us is not a very generous.
They are not neutral.
If they are not neutral, then their software is the same.
We have the slightest chances to make money because of the software.
We die first in the war... Sad

But I not surrender! Big Smile What´s the matter of play a game that you think is fixed against your interest? It´s maybe masochism! You go there knowing that you go to lose your has no sense! Despite this thought might be useful to cover our weakness, is a bit suicide. I choose to think that I lost for my ignorance, so I can make something about it Blink

The same i believed, but until i have to believe?
They do not realize that some players lose a lot of time to earn money and the software does not help when you need it cards to advance?
You can be a professional player but if the good cards does not come, you lose. It's inevitable. Blink

The concept of "good cards" is too wide. A good card maybe "any two" in a specific moment of the game. You can´t have a deck of Aces only for you, and a fold with a pair of that may be an excellent move. Poker is too complex to play that only the pair of card that you had delt. Whatever, you have to play live poker to see how it treats you Blink

I know what it is and i said here too in few comments.
You can not play only big cards and win money from poker.
Good players earn money with almost any cards.
I said... you can not make money without bluffs.
Poker is complicated, players the same but if you have a good poker game, you can make money at any stake you play. Smile

Well, that is a positive thought without a conspiracy theory. That is very good! Returning to the object of the thread, I think that the weak poker´s players, the gamblers as we named here, they look for GOOD LUCK, with capital letters. They are looking for a signal of the universe and put a ton of money in the table waiting for it Disagree

With luck you can not make money in online poker.
I was referring to something else when i said about the software.
You can make money from poker with skills but you also need help from the software.
If the software does not help then you are eliminated from tournaments.
At this thing i referred.
I am eliminated always out of tournaments because the software is very bad with me and this is a conspiracy. Sad

CALICUL, you know that´s not true. You continue writing about the software and the conspiracy to give me a place to extend my thread, and I thank you. The software doesn´t be bad or good with anyone in particular. Think about how difficult might be to make that tune. You may say that the variance is treating bad to you, not the software Blink

I know that very well and it's true what i say.
I am not a child.
This poker room does not offer the opportunity to win big.
I lose precious time for nothing here.
There is nothing interesting.
I trusted this poker room and lost it.
I do not want to talk about this thing. I'm Angry

Hey CALICUL, be calm and don´t worry! it does not deserve your angry and this may cost to your health...To help you with a general sawing, I read an article today about the variance in poker´s games. It´s awesome! If you are a winning player who has a winrate of 3bb/100hands, the variance 1n 100k hands might you win 150 buy-ins or lost 70 buy-ins, although you play the same way (well) the 100k hands Shock

I do not understand what you said here.
It is related to online poker?
If you do not have a good range of hands, you can not do something good?
I knew these things were random, but not the software that shares the cards.
Anyway, i'm relaxed because i'm not very angry i calm down quickly and the confidence is the only one which i lose. Smile

This article told about the variance in the game of poker and it is related with the number of hands that you were played. The only difference between online and live playing is how many time you need to play (i.e.) 100k hands. In an online game a Pro might need five days and in a live game, a Pro need a month. But the variance doesn´t change!

I do not understand too well what you say, but a professional player if he enter in a heads up cash game, he can play 100 hands very easily.
With these players you do not have to meet in tournaments.
They can do a lot and they are very dangerous opponents.
We can play poker at small stakes and rarely a good tournament.
We are too small for them. Smile

But you avoid the matter, my friend. The question is if the game has a part of variance enough to make your good playing of poker a loser play in money, despite your good skills. In less number of hands the variance is higher. So, if you take notice that the game is it, no matter if it is online or live, you can leave the conspiracy theory Blink

I can not leave the theory of conspiracy because is very real.
I'm not talking about a single game.
I'm talking about over 200 games from May 2018 until January 27, 2019 with $5.50 buy-in or more. Conspiracy is real and in a different way identical, just as many people destroy this planet or like Mel Gibson in conspiracy theory.
I repeat: I am not a child... Blink

Oh no, you´re a big boy with some fixed ideas Big Smile And really I quiet, Obviously I will not get you to change your mind. The great mystery is why you keep playing in sites where you are sure that the software is fixed and is stealing you Confused By the way, since I´m playing fewer freerolls and make an up level in SnGs I find less "bettors" players!

I play here because i do not have variants.
I hate the unibet and netbet softwares.
I hate bad beats on pokerstars and the last option for me is 888 poker.
What you did in my situation?
I have to play dollars from my account and after that i will send them an email.
I will tell them that i come back when they revise their attitude. Smile

You hate too much CALICUL! You have to be more lovely with the poker sites and so they give you their money! Big Smile You have to try sending an apple with a little note: "With my best wishes! Your loyal consumer" They quickly would fix the bug, and you will win all the money that you are dreaming for years...try it!

Of course, my friend.
If the world looks after my character, then we would only be good people on this planet.
Good, strong and much healthier but correct persons.
My wish is to win same like you or others.
I do not want a lot of money but periodically i want a profit.
Any player wants this and if we do not win, then we give up to playing. Smile

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