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Never give up! until victory always, commander Che Guevara! That´s the problem when you think that you don`t need learning anymore. So you only want results because you think that deserve it. I think that I need to improve my playing, so I`m very happy when I notice that I played my optimal move. I don´t look for results now Blink

A few years ago when i playing poker and eliminating the players at the table, i was very glad but now the situation is reversed.
Before me i eliminate many players, but i play more freerolls and after that i am eliminated by many players in real money games.
I would like the situation to reverse. Big Smile

Well my friend, the only way that I know to reverse that situation is studying. What other things may you do? You tried claiming and writing to the support of the poker`s room making guilty to the software, and it not work. When you see a chat of current players that are in a professional path, they speak another language: combos, range of value and range of bluff, SPR, necessary equity,...the poker is improving, you have to! Blink

I was referring to the situation of all in.
Here the student is the software.
He is the guilty because is bad.
Some players have very good luck when they play these situations in games with real money.
Why can not have this kind of luck?
To catch a good cards in which to defeat opponents very easily? Blink

In my opinion poker is a game pf passion. a man who does not have passion and cool mind this game is not for them. most commonly people are trying to win the game but do not understand the game. that's the main reason of losing poker game. i think before playing real money poker game people should do practice more and more, so that they can understand the game.

I think in a similar way, not exactly... I think that you need to learn about poker, studying every day and practice all that you can. The only way to practice is playing with money. Freerolls (I played all my life it) or play money, don´t allow you to know a good game. Crazy things may happen when nobody takes a risk Blink

I was thinking about another thing.
I do not have time to study because i have few hobbies.
I think i'll leave the 888 poker room for 1-2 months and i will play in pokerstars this period.
I do not know if it's a good idea but i lost my patience.
I can not wait to see how i spend time in vain. Blink
What do you think?

Hey Calicul I can tell you from experience that learning the math for things like pot odds and how and when to apply them will improve your game dramatically. If you haven't studied them already, do it, you won't regret it. It's actually surprisingly easy to master the estimation and it will give you a guideline on how to bet and to help understand why other people may bet the way they do.

I understand many things, but i can not incorporate myself into the software of a 888 poker room.
It's hard to bluff, it's hard to win the pots, because the players have a talent and they pay a good raise with one pair after the river.
It's hard to play a good cards when they risk everything with a small pair of 22 or 33 pre flop and the bad things are more.
A declared enemy is also the software.
Until i see a few movies with good players, who play poker at my stakes, i will not be able to do anything with these players.
With any style of play i do not realize what i have proposed.

maybe a tip ;

If you sit at a table with gamblers (they risk everything with a small pair of 22 or 33 pre flop and the bad things are more)
Just call their bets preflop with good starting hands.... if you hit raise/reraise or allin.
Thats one of the best ways to get their chips/money.
There are lots of players that go crazy with top pair ... so I like to play suited connectors against tem or pocket pairs hoping to hit a straight,flush or set.

Posted by CALICUL:
...What do you think?

Almost all changes that you decide are good because you are taken the command of your poker`s life. But I think that you have not to make it by angry with another room, if not with a project. I. e.: "I go to play in PS to take advantage of his big traffic to play a big volume of SnGs/MTTs/??", and I make a piece of advice to you about making a selection of game and play only its. GL!!! Thumbs Up

My love for this poker room has fallen enormously. I have to make this change but not definitively.
I'll play but fewer games than before. There was a routine, but also the fact that i can not make money makes me to opt in for this decision. Smile

I´m not saying that you haven´t to make that change or everyone. I`m thinking in one change for myself and might I will start to play in another room in April or May. But I have a plan for it. I think that I can learn all the material that I have, crush the $ 0,40 and begin to play SnGs of $ 1 BI in that month. So I will be ready to increase my game volume, and that is impossible to do in 888poker because there is low traffic to SnGs. This is a plan Blink

You can try, if you have a room where there are players in sit and go games.
Last Sunday i finished on 162 position of 15,004 players in $20,000 Ice Cold Freeroll and i remembered when i had good days in this poker room.
I hope it will happen again, but i want in tournaments with real money and good prizes. Smile

Good for you CALICUL! I think that it will have been a big war because there were a lot of opponents! And how many time you need to arrive in that place? And more important, how much money did you win? Enough for beers? Big Smile So, if you won a ticket to that tournament you was playing no less than $ 20 BI, it isn´t it?

I won in every week tickets to this freeroll. It is not difficult and i do not make big wagering.
Maybe 50 dollars per 7 days or more. I did not win too much, only 12 dolllars.
At this point i have two tickets for this freerool. Last night i won another ticket after 3 days...
I hope you get a ticket for next sunday. Smile

Agreed with the above about taking advantage of really loose players, learning to see that as an opportunity is exactly what I meant.

Glad to hear it sounds like things are at least going well and you're making some winnings. Also good point about playing less. Avoiding tilt is fundamentally important. that and BRM!!

Is not a mystery my friend, as I told you several times, you can get one ticket to that tournament for each $20 that you invest in the games. As you know, I´m studying the SnGs theory and, in a while, I´m not playing. Perhaps some sit in the weekend, and all the freerolls that I can, because I don´t like to miss it Blink

I like duels with aggressive players but they feel fast, when you have something good in your hand. Sometimes they pay, sometimes not, but if you make a move and bet all the chips, they fold very faster.
It's harder to trick this kind of player. They risk more when they have a pair in hand pre flop. Smile

The Loose Aggressive (LAG) players are the worst villains that you can face! They make their bets with a wide range of hands, and constantly are 3betting your raises. I think that the better way to win a Heads Up vs a LAG is using the Nash Equilibrium and don´t try to make trickies moves with them, because they call/shove wide too!

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