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Hi all,i'm playing the above mentioned tourney on stars just now,well we're on a break Smile
i just had to show you this hand.
The bloke/girl on my right shoves all in i've got him covered so i'm chasing his bounty with any 2 Smile
i shove and the other guy/girl calls.....................see what happens next Shock

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A wonderful hand. I hope it was useful to you and you managed to do something nice on that tournament. Cool

nice 1 teddy,2 bounty's and a big boost to the stack,run good buddy and take many more Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

This really was a crazy hand and you definitely got very lucky there. I don't blame you for chasing his bounty and i would have probably called the all-in as well. I can only imagine what the other playing was saying when he lost this hand!!

It depends what tournament u playing,..
cus this was a dangerous spot Blink

Fantastic hand, teddybears73! It's very rare case when you catch 3 9''s in a row, never happened to me I think Smile Congratulations. I think, guy with aces was pissed off after the river has come Smile Hope you done well in this tournament.

Very nice hand. A little dangerous to play that kind of hands.
Maybe in this case if the one on your right did not have a lot of chips you could risk paying with any 2 to win the bounty, but sometimes you also get into trouble for that.
In these tournaments I see people go crazy for collecting the bounty, and ends up losing the tournament (whose buy in costs more than a bounty).
How did it go in the tournament?

Some times playing bounty games, can be a headache.
Cause like you many players when they have the stack they are chasing the bounty with
And they get lucky.
You got extremely lucky there Smile Nice one.

Boom! What a hand! Massive congratulations to teddybears73 on hitting quads and winning bounties. You handily killed two birds with one stone, literally. You were extremely lucky. Good luck with your next tournament.

I do not know how the hand will have played, but whoever had the aces, must still be insulting him (as long as he played the hand well, that is, he did not slowplay).
I have lost incredible hands like this, because they do anything for a bounty.

Sorry i forgot to come back and update this, by the way it's not something i do regularly i was just chasing a bounty and i got lucky and caught 2.
About 2 hands later i lost about 20,000 with A-Q vs 8-4d aipf.. 2 Diamond on the flop and he hits the other on the river Smile
I actually went out with A-Q too, A-Q vs TT and he held.
Out in 365 out of over 6,000 for $6 and $5.20 or something in bounties

Some days ago I lost in Bounty builder of 4.40, having AA vs 2 fish, one with 69o and another KTs. Like you, I lost vs a flush.
3 spades on flop and he got his flush. I had the Ace but no spades came out anymore.
I got 3 bounty and regained the buy in, but it hurt to lose because we were both deep and could have served to reach final instances.

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