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Hey boys and girls hope all my fellow mobsters are having themselves a good afternoon wherever they are.

Playing a $5.50 Bounty Hunter turbo 6-max 5K gtd on party and have had a good run going for the most part. Was consistently near top 20 for good chunk but played 2 or 3 hands in a row very loosely and paid for it. got a good chunk of it back now and making a run at this thing.

Already broke even with bounties earned so freerolling from here on out.

113 runners left and sitting now around 58.

Could be a good one !

so got booted when i got down to less than BB with K9 suited vs JT and they hit J on turn and I'm out. With bounties earned i made about 12.50 so made a profit of only 7$ for this run.

COuld of been so much more though If i hadn't played loose for a couple of hands it cost me dearly in this run. Wouldn't have played the hand if i had the chips i had.

Oh well another profit is good but still a bit disappointed in myself here.

Ended up 76/1013 players so shouldn't be too hard on myself still played well.

TIme for the Maple Leafs hockey game and some beers with the boys !

Night all

Edited by TheIrish77 (30 March 2018 @ 23:29 GMT)

seven dollars of profit is also a good result ... taking into account the fact that only 76th place is a good enough prize .... I congratulate on the next success but of course it would be more interesting to read about bigger winnings ... you have something to strive for ... good luck with the game

Congrat the Irish777..
You doing good lately ,..
keep it going move up with the cash prizes,..
and soon i will be reading a post you finished first,,.
for a nice big cash win,..
Good luck to you Thumbs Up

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