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Hi boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and hope all my fellow forum buddies are doing really well!

Got a good one going and could be a some cash coming my way.

Playing a $3.30 Turbo PKO on stars and am down to last 35 players and sit 16th atm.

Got to get back and concentrate for late run.

Tournament # 2263783028 if you want to rail with me!

got jumpy and pushed pocket 8's into AK and turned Ace for knockout. FInished 24th out of 684 entrants so another good run but not good enough this time. Took home $6.15 So made some profit which is important.

i should know better had too many chips and Pocket 8's are really nothing.

Night all.

Got another good run early on in the works. 1.10$ Turbo PKO and already have over 15K stack and 3 ko's.

Here's a couple of hands that got me rocking...

Could be a good one.

Also chip leading a $3.50 18 Player turbo with 12 left.

Just hit a break in my MTT's and got to heads up in the 3.50$ 18 player and took it down here's the critical hand form heads up that won it for me !

Run good continues and made $22.77 for my good cards.

Big help and needed BR booster.

Run good continues in The $1.10 PKO with this monster and 2 more Ko's !

Still in top 15 range currently and making noise once again.

Be back later if anything significant happens ; )

ITM in the $ 1.10 PKO now. Sitting around 50 of 109.

hit the money and took a chance and now top 10 stack roughly !

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You really are having a fantastic run in all of these tournaments and i take my hat off to you. You must have very good levels of concentration to keep playing for so long and keep playing well. Keep it going mate!!

ouch got dumb with A2os in late position and out in 60th. Didn't notice a big stack next to me and he had 7's and spike set on flop to dead me. was a rolling a joint and got a bit distracted.

Another profit and more with Ko's so all in all a very good night with more cashing in more than half my runs.

as usual you please us with messages about your tournaments ... I certainly congratulate you on winning but it's not very interesting .... if I see a new topic on the forum from you it is already clear that you played and won some money ... I wanted would be something more interesting Confused

QQ vs QJo
- The player 1 was 99.90% dead on the flop.
QQ vs KK
- Boom! You hit a two-outer against pocket Kings!
53o vs 74o
- I guess the player 1 played the hand very poorly.
AA vs JTo, JTo
- Nicely killed two birds with one stone.
A5s vs 88, KQo
- Nice pot.

Well done on your 60th place finish in the tournament, TheIrish77.

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