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Online Betting Companies not affected by the economic crises

While economist and people in other branches and industries around the world can't sleep at night because of the global economic crises that are taking place at the moment, some of the bigger poker, casino and betting sites like PokerStars and PartyGaming along with others seem not to have been affected by this at all. Example of a poker site that is doing very well at the moment is PokerStars [...]   Read more » Online Betting Companies not affected by the economic crises

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Well, imo, crises are afecting everywhere, but what I know from experience, is that many ppl now, dont go waste money on casinos cause of the high stackes, and prefer online, cause that can play low stack's, and make them account grow up, little by little. Just one question. Word record is 30.000 active players? I saw already full tilt with 70.000 online players

people get desparate to make money, one of the biggest growth industrys during the great depression was horse racing, in Australia anyway, allthough Pharlap would have been a great draw card. for people who dont know Pharlap was probably the greatest race horse who ever lived, off topic i know.

"Word record is 30.000 active players?"
They are talking about cash game players, full tilt has about 70k active players but most are not on cash game tables the same with poker stars who have about 110k online but only 25 to 30k on their cash tables.

Understandable. Compared with some products sold by the banks (think Lehman Brothers) poker is a relative risk free investment for your money Blink

Recession is renowned for people trying to make a buck or two through gambling. most lose though. Sad

its hard to say that any business is not slightly affected by the economic situation of the country they are situated in i think the person that wrote this article doesnt know the 101 on economics but if a gambling organisation is ran well they could probably still make it through tough times

Hehe Shokaku you are totally right Smile

Shokaku, I was thinking the same thing. Why invest in stock market when you can invest in prime poker estate lol.

We'll keep betting anyway))
Nobody and nothing can stop us.
And the same thing about poker))

Yehh. We can invest and how the money will raise up, just depend on ourselfs. The better we play, the better our account balance can be =)

And why shouldn't be so ?
You know, in crisis time increases number of people betting.
It's a rule,it has been always so.

i think it is only a delay in time. then the poker rooms will be affected too...

when the source of money of many ppl will break down than the cash available for poker and gambling will fall down too...(in case luck and bad luck will balancing longtermed)

if there is a crisis in most of the countries than all economic parts will be affected from time to time...

Very difficult to say what may happen over the coming year or two.

If there are a lot more people unemployed they could play poker more in their spare time for instance, so a temporary upturn could happen in poker traffic. Sites like BRM are also providing more players with free cash.

I think you can treat analysts predictions with a pinch of salt. There guesses are likely only as good as ours. How many stock market analysts saw the global financial crisis coming ?

this is good news for all poker fans

this is so true when people have little small stacks lottos and small betting big odds take off meaning there is still room for growth even in times of crises

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I think one of the the main point is that a lot of people use their money in poker to have fun no too save here like in banks=)!

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