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Deep Run ITM Hotter $2.20 12K GTD.  +1   
Hye boys and girls its your boy TheIrish77 and hoping all my forumites are having a great Sunday today.

Playing some poker this afternoon and have a good run currently going in The Hotter $2.20 MTT on PS.

Now sitting top 15ish with only 150 runners remaining. There were over 7500 entires so this is a good long run for your boy.

Here a few hands that helped this satck grow... Took a shot and it worked out.
Want to get back and concentrate now.

if you want to rail the id is in the Attachment.

just lost this big hand. could've got away but thought i was still good, NOT!!!

Would have been 3rd chip stack if I could've won.

Just doubled up but still super short 5 BB.

Out in 87th place. WAS IN bb WITH 3 bb and s**t hand q5 hearts and against 2 hands AK and q9 and they hit King on flop and the dream ends.

I don't think i'll ever write on here while play again. Seems to just go super wrong from the time i submit my thread lmao.

Played as well as i could but not good enough i guess.

Later all.

Edited by TheIrish77 (15 April 2018 @ 21:36 GMT)

Congratulations TheIrish on another good result, but you really should have folded that KK hand... It was very likely that he had an ace on preflop, and after check-raise on flop it became obvious Sad GL in your future tourneys!

Congratulations Irish! These have good results. That hand of KK !, I think it would have folded, but I speak with the newspaper on Monday.
The other hands very good. I really liked the raise in SB with A2o. You have to steal the blinds!
It's a shame not to have gone further in the tournament, but you're on the right track!

AQo vs KQs
- Fairly safe flop. No BS.
A5s vs 55
- Bingo!
A2o vs KJo
- Standard ram. Pretty scary flop.
KK vs AQo
- Unlucky. I guess your decision on the flop was player dependent.

Better luck next time.

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (16 April 2018 @ 09:02 GMT)

It's always very frustrating when you go out after looking so promising early on. I think, that if you know that you haven't done anything drastically wrong, you can look back and just say it wasn'y my day today

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