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FINAL TABLE HYPE !! Heads up for Title! Chip lead  0   
Hey boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and back at it after the good run yesterday and looking to add more to the BR.

Starting off well and sitting at the top of the list currently in a $2.50 180 player Turbo and have a monster stack currently. 1 of 17 now with over 20L lead on 2nd.

Be back with updates.

Also now top 3 in a Sunday Milly Satty 2.20 + R . just about to hit add-on of 30k so i have legit shot now at this after this hand held for me!! ! 3 tickets up for grabs in this one

Could be the day guys !

2 of 8 now but close to chip leader.

Locked up $9.02 so far so almost 7$ in profit for this one but obviously looking for more boys and girls!

Action is going quickly now down to last 4 after 3 way all in and top stack held.

Now more than $ 30 in the Bankroll added and looking for much more.

Still have 30K more than 4th place currently so can at least get there and grab another $ 16 for 3rd place. should be quite quickly as bottom stack has under 6 BB left so he will be jamming light very soon.

Whatever the outcome I know I played well again and made some decent profit today.

Also in the Milly satty now 7 of 32 with 5 tickets available after all the add-ons added up. s**t imagine I get a chance to play for a Million ! Dreams could be happening this week.

Edited by TheIrish77 (19 April 2018 @ 14:13 GMT)

good job TheIrish77,I see you third ,and now you are first
and in the other tournament you are 19 th (just 6 players in the money)
May the force be with you Dollar Dollar Dollar

Thanks sorin. out of The milly satty made a mistake and gonzo.

Well got unlucky heads up with chip lead. Trapped in SB. Had AT diamonds vs K9 spades I hit top pair on flop they hit flush draw then proceed to turn nut flush and down to nothing really.

Oh well made $82.08 for this run so almost $80 in pure profits. good day so far and will be looking for more.

Well certainly on the upswing and hope to continue this type of play. I think I outplayed my opponent but just the gods didn't want me to win this time. It happens just LIKE s**t!

Edited by TheIrish77 (19 April 2018 @ 14:23 GMT)

99 vs AJo, JJ, 66
- Wow, 4-way pot! You won a good amount of chips. Well done.
ATs vs K9s
- Both Ace Ten suited and King Nine suited are monster hands in heads up.

Congratulations for your runner-up finish and winning $82.08!

Nice finish there for your buy in.
You have made a good profit.
It is good hitting final tables often and especially winning in 1-3 positions.
Congratulations on your win and better luck next time, taking the tournament down.
You can do it again Smile

Wow fantastic result you get here the Irish, to make 80 dollars in profit from 2 dollars you used is very big money to bankroll. Wish you best of luck to get more results like this and to make serious money

82 dollars of profit is certainly much more interesting than your previous winnings less than $ 10 .... I congratulate you on the second place and of course I wish that you soon won first place .... the second bridge is of course very cool but there is a feeling that a little did not reach the end .... good luck with the game

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