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Back at it and hunting that final table once again.

Playing in a $1.10 Hyper-turbo mtt and sitting around 15th now.

Might have another final tbale on our hands today!

Just had a guy push 24 suited into Aces against me. loving life right now.

Sitting in 8 of 18 now!

Ouch just lost an all-in against chip leader me A9os vs A7 diamonds and he turns flush after me hitting top pair on the flop. Them, the breaks. another cash this time $8 and change from 1 bullet $1.10.

Still playing some other MTT's and running well right now in the Big 1.10 with over 26.5k stack. good for around 60th current.

Been a fun day so far and still more to be gained and played.

Going for wings later on so might call it a day soon unless this other run goes super deep.

Wish me luck boys and girls

Now into top 20 area of the Big $1.10 after this hand held for me !

$520 Up top for first boys and girls.

Taking my shot at it.

Ouch just got kicked in the nards!

So ugly.

ouch just bubbled the Big $1.10 and cant believe the luck or lack there of in this last little bit.

A8 calls too all ins with KK vs JJ me.

So sick like 8 away form bubble.

Edited by TheIrish77 (19 April 2018 @ 19:55 GMT)

Well done Irish! As usual!
It hurts to lose so close to the final table. Better luck for the Big of 1.10! Keep us informed.
Woow, what a bad luck with KK! That river killed all hope.
Good luck in the rest of the tournaments you plan to play today. Haber if you can get that first place!

Congratulations on cashing in the tournament.

AKo vs K8o
- Standard shove from button. It would have been disgusting if your opponent had hit an 8 or made a straight on the river.
KK vs AQo, JJ
- Pure bad luck.

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (21 April 2018 @ 14:57 GMT)

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