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I did not talk about any rule but i think you agree with that - these three rows or more does not hurt anyone. You can laugh as much as you want but i think it's better in this way.

you didnt say about any rule and I quote to you part where you say about some rule,rule for what only you know!to get 5 points if you write less then 3 rows!every month you write some new rule on forum that nobody know for it!
and its not point how much it better to write,its points that you dont need 3 ROWS to get 10 points and that it!we dont talk what is better,we talk what is rule here on BRM and rule is that you need bit more then 2 rows,not 3!

[QUOTE]Posted by dule-vu:
you didnt say about any rule and I quote to you part where you say about some rule,rule for what only you know!

you have to read the comments again and you will see that: I'm not talking about any rule.
about the three rows i have clearly specified - IS FOR SAFETY.
it's not that hard to understand what i say.
if users write 3 rows or more is something abnormal for you?
I understand that: you only post for points, but others post 7-8 comments a day sometimes.
I think is ok. Smile

first learn how to quote,because its not first time that you dont know to quote post!
second,we all know who is here only for points,because you dont play casino games,but you comment about them,same as live casino and online poker!
third,again you just lie,because for third time you say that you didnt write any rule,even I make clear quote with one sentence,where you say THAT IS POSSIBLE THAT YOU WILL GET 5 POINTS IF YOU WRITE LESS THEN 3 ROWS!
and then you talking to me who is here for points and you dont know what you write,same as few days ago when you write to me that you dont even look after you make post reply,so you didnt see for days that you have double posts!thats show that you dont even care how your post look,after you make it!
we talk about rules,what is rule,not what to can write or not!rule is that is enough few words above two rows and thas FACT,but its up to you how many rows you will write!

I know how quote works, i just showed you that you're talking about the rule. I told you clearly that:
I did not talk about the rule. You do not know if i play or not at the casino because that was in 2017.
I play poker from 2009 but i'm not regular. You are the one who lies and who post only for points because me i bought over 1000 mob shots from August 2017 until now.
You do not buy attempts and this is clear. I'm not desperate for points and withdrawal.
I want to succeed in the future to open the mob safe 10 times but if miss with 800 like you i think i will give up to buy attempts.
Where do you see the word rule in my posts on this thread? I think you do not see well.
you need glasses? Confused
I explained to you clearly how it was with double postings or rule or anothers but it seems you can not understand many things. You have a big problem because you do not understand simple things.
You talk about two rows and a little and that clearly demonstrates that you are only for mob points
I buy mob shots or tickets for mob draw and this proves that: i am not so desperate to always accumulate mob points for withdraw.
I'm sure you're afraid to buy a few hundred mob shots. I think you screamed when you missed the safe with 800 mob shots. It can happen to anyone but nobody has complained how you did it.
When you let frustration, maybe you will understand what i meant in all my comments on this thread. I say this because i have the impression that again you will not understand this. Anyway good luck to understand what i said.

Posted by CALICUL:
3 rows for safety dule-vu. If you post 2 rows and a little bit more it is possible to make 5 points not 10. Blink

when somebody is stupid,than is stupid!dont have anything to add more!just to quote again your sentence from first post!for mob shots and every other thing is silly to even answer!
and your post few months ago here on forum,that you dont play casino games at all and you dont like it,say all about you and then after few weeks you write in other post that you will happy if some casino come in romania,if they open something like that!

This post by CALICUL has been removed, probably due to being spam or because it was irrelevant to this topic.
Posted by Franpok:

Hi ligador37

The payment took more than a month.

My regards, brother.

Then I was very lucky! Only 5 days to collect is too fast. I knew it could take a few weeks, not so much a month. In any case, money always arrives.

@dule vu and Calicul, I think you are deviating a bit from what the subject created by the partner is about. Calm down a bit, there's no need to fight around here.

Posted by ligador37:

@dule vu and Calicul, I think you are deviating a bit from what the subject created by the partner is about. Calm down a bit, there's no need to fight around here.

This man has many problems... and his frustration fills him. It's not the first time when he does that.
If you need two rows and a little or three rows there is no major difference but for this alienate...
it counts enormously.

I think this thread ends here, before we start banning people.

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