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Well the matter is how it is...but is bad! You know it, I know it, they know it. You are in the vulnerable side of the balance so...this is it. Whatever, I´m playing very little, despite I take days of holidays and I don´t do anything useful or recreational. I only make an effort by picking up all the information (articles and videos) that I accessed Shock

Eventually you can watch a lot of artiicole about poker or strategy but one thing i know for sure: if a poker room does not want to offer you anything then money you will not win.
I suffered this in two rooms and i know for sure that i was blocked to make money.
Unfortunately not all poker rooms are correct. Sad

Yes, maybe...but no one can take all that you learn. If the poker´s room doesn´t give you a good promotion or rake, you can go to play in another one. But If you don´t play a good poker You have nothing despite the poker´s room try to help you and bring the better prizes to your table. So I choose to learn and improve my poker Blink

It is good to learn especially if you want to play live tournaments.
I read a comment from you or another user and ask if in my country there are casinos or live poker. My country has many casinos, sport betting or lotteries.
Live poker is little with poor money.
There were a poker tournament with Daniel Negreanu, Chris Moneymaker etc...
We have Netbet but only sport betting and casino. Smile

That´s good! and didn´t you tried it? I always am thinking that may be awesome playing a live tournament. I want to do it sometime. Maybe when I travel on a holiday place, some big town with Casinos like Mar del Plata, or maybe in Uruguay Republic. There are beautiful tiny cities with all the tourist services...and casinos! Blink

It's cool that this site gives out birthday bonuses I think some of the major sites such as stars and party stopped that a long time ago. It was a good little bonus while it lasted but it's good to see sites like this reward players on their birthday. Smile

You can play in Europe as well.
Party Poker, 888 Poker and Pokerstars have more satellites for nice tournaments in London, Czech Republic, Ireland or other locations like Barcelona.
I Poker Network she also has with Betfair.
How many times have you visited Salamanca, Spain?
You could do that, but you need big luck to win a satellit and to visit 1-2 countries of Europe.
Good luck my friend. Cool

Posted by sammybeyo:
... it's good to see sites like this reward players on their birthday. Smile

Yes it is, all of us loved this little touch of kindness. In fact, I kept my affiliations updated to dozens of poker´s room, waiting for some promotions or gifts like this. But it has no sense because, If you win tickets os a site where there is not any traffic of players you still be winning nothing Disagree
And CALICUL, I´m waiting for playing some World Championship, so I could voyage and visit you Big Smile

The World Series of Poker is in Las Vegas but you could visit a country or two in Europe.
All you have to do is pay attention to satellites that offer live tournament packages.
You can also play tournaments in the Bahamas, Las Vegas or something else.
You have an advanced age and it's good if you visit a few locations in other countries. Cool

Thanks for not said "...visit a few locations in other countries" ...before what! But you think about it! All of us have the dead walking in our side, and we try to not think about it. That is something that occurs to somebody else, not to me! We are immortals and invulnerable...until that! But is ok, that is it, each one can manage it in your own way Big Smile

Have you known about Tor browser CALICUL? This is a potent browser that could make a net of connections into his own net and give you a mask that may be creating the appearance that you are playing from another city in the world. I know that you want to respect all the rules, and I don´t say that you start to play in that way, only for curiosity?

So you do not want to participate in satellite games for live tournaments?
You do not want to visit a few places ( locations as i said above ). Hmm...
Just think of the opportunity, to visit like other people and to enjoy a small vacation + a live tournament.
I think is very nice. Blink

I achieved to won one of the "Winners takes all" tournament, with $ 6,50 prize, and now I return to have some money in this account (Coral Poker). So, in the next month I started to play there some SnG ant tournament to make points in the learning page that has tracked the account. I won $ 10 in a draw there, so if I win 100 points more I could take the Gold Level and could access to new information Blink

Good job my friend. Big Smile
It is good to play poker if you earn money, but you have to set up a program.
You have to arrange the games and to play in your rooms.
Coral Poker, 888 poker, Breakout Poker and Americas Cardroom.
It's tough if you opt for many rooms but the time will be the most important.
I think you will do it well. Smile

Yes, you have the reason, I started to play only a few of them. But when the promotions come, I have to play it, don´t you think? Now I won tournament´s tickets (by the house) and $ 20 of cash in the Christmas calendar to play in Break Out Poker, where I withdrew my money and only playing freerolls for fun Tongue

I know my friend.
I won same prize like you on Breakout Poker, but i change 20 dollars cash money for 20 tickets on BankrollMob Christmas Lottery.
That's is not the problem for me but you must to play more poker for the commision of these poker rooms.
They also win and if you play well, you also win.
Is good for both.
I hope this camera to accept your withdrawal.
Good luck my friend. Smile

Why you change the $ 20 cash in Break Out Poker for draw tickets? This poker`s room is banned in your country? What a shame CALICUL my friend, that threads where all the mobsters are talking about different rooms, is like a scene where the blinds persons (of all the countries banned) are hearing about the color of the sky, really sad! Sad

I have nothing to do in this situation because the law in my country is strict.
Anybody who pays the license is active in Romania.
Anybody who does not pay the license is restricted.
If they do not want to pay the license like I Poker Network or Party Poker i can not do anything.
Only the representatives of these rooms can solve this problem.

Well I´m preparing all my artillery to play in iPoker´s rooms to make points in 2019. I think that I have to play in Coral room, because there have the Winner takes all tourney, where I can increase my stack, but there the traffic is too slow. I will return to Net Bet to look for there which is the traffic in SnG and DoN, Then I will tell you!

Traffic in NetBet or Coral Poker is the same in most tournaments.
There are only a few games which are separate but the rest is played in the i Poker Network.
This network has many rooms and few players.
They will never get strong, unless they will not combine the rooms into one. Smile

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