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Yes CALICUL, I don´t know why they have this business strategy: many rooms with only a few players. They may compact all these rooms in only one with all the advantage for the different labels. They are a rare case because they couldn´t win good money with only a few players, I don´t know...They are doing a game that we unknow! Confused

They definitely do games and we do not know about this but we can not play, if they do not have many players.
They could do something for the players satisfaction.
Any idea is good, if it is for the benefit of the community of the I Poker Network ( gamblers and the staff ). Smile
It's not hard to do that. Cool

Yes, I think so! They have a structure of the business that they have to pay with or without players. Server Host, technician, employers, publicity...only to keep alive. So they could make a lot of attractive freerolls and tickets gifts that may guarantee the traffic and it could be an attraction to spend some money there...

If they do not do that, will begin to bankrupt.
Online poker is down and in 2-3 years it will be even worse.
There are too many rooms who do not have many players and there is no attraction.
5 poker rooms around the world are the best.
There will be many tournaments with nice money and a lot of players.
But when in online poker are 40 rooms or more there will be weak tournaments. Blink

I think that only the poker´s room that makes fast adaptations to the market will be who survive. IPoker is don´t making anyone. They have the same software and promotion for many years, they are good candidates to species in extinction danger! I have a tip for you my friend in w i n a max . es you can get L30 free Blink

This is true. Who does not adapt to the competition loses the fight.
To succeed in this area you need more things.
The first thing is a good software.
The second is a good traffic with many players.
In this way tournaments will be more attractive and with good amounts of money.
Then come other good things and promotions, bonuses or vip levels.
If you do not do good things then you will lose. Blink

But have "...a good traffic with many players" is not a pre-condition is an objective! All the effort of a site is pointed to have many players. So they have to make very good promotion and decide to lose some money in the first stage to attract too many fishes. If you achieve that, you know, big fish eats small fishes and then the sharks arrive with their big wallets Blink

Sharks do not play too much in the small poker rooms.
They are where is the most money, like big tournaments or cash money games.
For them to play in small rooms is a waste of time or to loss of earning more money.
Why they have to play a game to win 200 dollars, when they can win 2000?
Because of this I Poker is avoided by many players. Blink

Really the attempt to make points playing several games in iPoker`s rooms is very hard. Yesterday I began with it and only could play two SnG in two hours! When I go to bed I had to remember all the registered tables where I tried to play and shut off all of them. Is really disappointing because this is the only room where I can make these points Sad

If things do not work well here you can take a break.
You can not waste your precious time to play one Sit and Go per hour.
This is unacceptable and these people really need to change something here.
Those at the I Poker Network not realizing this very bad thing?

I finished counting the players in all kind of sits and go, from $ 0,10 buy-in to $ 20 buy-in. There are now: 85 players registered, and if you think that most of then is registered in more than one game, how many players could be playing now? 30, 20...? The main lobby said that in all the site in all the games are 3134 players right now Sad

Personally, i would not play here again, because the numbers of players it's very small.
It's really disappointing to see, how they destroyed everything, because of their bad decisions.
I Poker is a thing of the past for me.
If they do not have players you do not play.
You can risk to get into the Duck Poker situation and to lose money, if Coral Poker will fail. Sad

As I told, I think that the poker´s room that may survive and grow in this market will be those that may be adapted to the new demands. We have good examples of that in some rooms that are being promoted by this site, like Breakout Poker, and Grey Snow Poker (and other rooms that are banned here) they understand to the players!

It is not easy for a new poker site to emerge today.
The difficulty comes to all the limitations country wise, with all the new laws and regulations.
Besides the expenses of creating and running a site, you need to spend lots to acquire licences.
Plus you will have to pay taxes left and right Smile

Obviously, it's hard to open new poker rooms but the I Poker Network destroyed what it built in a few years.
If they do not do something, then they will go bankrupt with poker.
Some rooms can resist more time and here i refer to those who have casino and sports betting.
They will have big problems with poker, if they do not introduce something interesting for players. Sad

Yes, I think so. Ipoker, starting with 770poker, was one of the first sites of poker, they are not a new room. But they never improve the site, the software, the promotions...they won't be doing anything to attract new players or rewards the loyalty of their customers. One ticket to a freeroll in the player´s birthday is the only gift in the year!

There are many poker rooms that offer nothing on the date of birthday of the players.
That's not very important.
I think, i Poker is the only Network or room that offers something.
The rest offers freerolls but no birthday gifts.
They should to focus on satellites and they will have more players. Smile

Low traffic and low prizes structure. In other rooms that have low traffic yet, like Grey Snow, there are less than one hundred players to get $ 50 in prizes, that is a good attraction! For this strategy, the new poker´s room are growing fast. If I have a cheap gift with much players to fight, the gift is inexistent!

You have to play where is good for you, but do not forget one thing: If you have a chance to make serious money you have to try this.
You can not always play and to be happy with little money.
You want more money, you have to try this by playing more nice satellies.
Maybe you'll be more lucky than me. Smile

But I don´t put the car forward to the horse. To win money I have to know to play. I made good advantages this year. Previously, I only played freerolls. Now I play 60/70 % SnGs with my money. I began to play in $ 0,10 and now I play only in $ 0,40, with some shots to $ 1. I found all the data that I need to improve in this stage, and I´m studying it. And this was the first year when I played all the time...the money will come as a result of this, I would make a mistake if I start this path look for it Blink

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