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Yes, I know that it couldn´t be so hard, and I could ask for some tips to the employees there. But the matter is that you stop being anonymous, and the worst thing is that in this town we know all between us. I might feel like a little boy that has to read poetry in an act of the school facing a ton of people who waits for your mistake! Big Smile

Talking about this matter I started to feel a big desire to achieve this goal. I´m thinking in goes to the Casino in Viedma city this weekend if my daughter gives me permission... Big Smile This will be an exceptional situation, I don´t leave my cave for recreation about seven months ago! I wait that the impression maybe lovely Cool

If you ask all people who are neighbors with you or not, then there is a disadvantage of course and they will consider you a fish.
This can be an advantage for you.
It is not difficult.
Once you get to the table things will go on without problems.
The dealer is there and will help you if there is something and you do not know.
The priority is your child of course and then you can refuse to play live and to stay with your child. Big Smile

I don´t ask them, I know them and they know me! In a little town, everybody knows your life. Where you live, with who, where you work, etc, etc. The image of a child in an act facing too many peoples is real. In fact, this weekend I forgot my purpose. I stayed in my cave all day with 37ºC, without an air conditioner, so in the night I haven´t any desire to go for it!

It's winter now and it's cold but in summer we have big heat in many days.
There are many casinos in my town with air conditioning and NetBet is active in my country with online casino, sports betting and online poker.
He is the sponsor of a football team. Is nice i think because that means they have a profit. Smile
They have to rebuild that poker software because that color is unbearable an will be ok.

Well, if Net Bet is sponsoring a football team, they are investing in your country and that is very good! It makes a big difference with others poker`s rooms and might commit you to play there, don`t you think? Obviously, despite the horrors color...(didn`t you tried playing there with sunglasses?) Big Smile Whatever, we have to chat of poker or Mr. Administrator could shut this thread!

NetBet is not just poker.
NetBet is also casino or sports betting.
BRM is a site that accepts poker, casino or sports betting.
We are talking about NetBet and they invest in my country, because Romania does not have many options with online poker and they take advantage of this.
Prior to the restriction, the Romanian players had activity over 20 poker rooms.
Now there are only 4 left and the competition is much smaller for NetBet.
Is very good for this company. Smile

The, they have to make good promotions there! Perhaps the company will make some big live tournament there, with satellites online! So, as I will have learned enough, I will win one of them and we could meet there and take a couple of beers! Big Smile Seriously, I don´t know that Net Bet has investments in other countries, so they could be kindness with the Romanians!

NetBet is an English company and is 18 years old in the industry.
If they resisted in the market for many years, then it can be one a redoubtable company.
I did not bet to sports betting here to see what odds they have but i'll watch this weekend.
About their casino i do not know because the last time i played there in 2016 or 2017 to clear my bankroll. Smile

What it means: clear your bankroll? Did you say it to mean a big loss there? I´m only thinking about play a tournament. A cash table might be terrific for me. I don´t play that modality in online poker, so I wouldn`t know what do I have to do there. In my start of a recreational player, I play that, but I didn´t since 7 or 8 years Smile

I had to clear or withdraw my money because they thought to restrict poker in my country.
I had a little money in my account at that time and i had to play them.
I could not withdraw 17 or 21 dollars. The limit was $50. Anyone doing the same of course. Smile
If you had learned poker before you started playing, now you were a much better player.
It's hard anyway for most of them.

In 2016 you had to go to the casino to clear/play the last $17 dollars in your account? And a live casino have the same cashier than the poker`s room? Those are of the same company? Which was? I didn´t know that one poker`s room had Live Casino...Is Net Bet this company? If it was, they have many investments in your country! Smile

Not in 2016. Then i made a withdrawal. After 2016 when it was restricted again for poker.
There are some conditions to be respected and at that moment, i thought NetBet would also stop sports betting or the casino.
I have not tried to read everything.
Anyway i do not know how it is now with same cashier because i play 2 weeks ago 2-3 freerool games and i did not deposit anything.
Since then i have not played in NetBet anymore.

We are talking about different matters...I continue writing here about the possibility of play live poker in a casino room. You are talking about Net Bet and his cashier. This seems a deaf conversation Big Smile One of us say: "...and what about your mother?" and the other says "I don´t want another!" Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

And what you got for birthday, i cant read all thread? Big Smile lol

happy happy birthday

You asked me about the NetBet cashier and i answered you.
If you read again your comment, you will see this. Smile
I answer what you ask me except questions that i do not understand.
Then i talked about my bankroll or withdrawal.
Look at the comments and you will see.
About live poker in the NetBet Casino i also answered this, but here is your decision with your little girl.
My advice to you is to try this.
Ente in a casino and play an acceptable tournament for you.
Try to understand something and you'll get smarter from there.
Good luck Smile

This thread seems to have turned into a chat, so please USE THE CHAT THREAD:

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