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Back in form After 2 day break!   0   
Hye boys and girls thanks again for the well received advice on taking some time away form the tables.

Seems to have paid off cause already Binked a $3.50 18 - player for almost $23!

had some godo cards hold up heads up and took it down!

Here's a couple of the last hands that sealed the deal...

Also got a good run going in a 0.55cent 8-max turbo now and sitting 60/220 now. ITM Already and looking to make deep run also.

Feels good to be winning hands that should hold up and getting the groove back and feeling good about my plays that i know are proper.

Yes this is good to try and make some changes to the situation when you are not winning, sometimes you need to play hand s you don't play oftrn, sometimes do more bluff,. sometimes no bluff and sometimes take break from poker

Glad you are doing good again.
It was just a matter of time. It happens from time to time getting everything cracked.
It is a pain, but the only thing you can do at the end is, forget and continue.
Congratulations on your recent wins, with many more to come again, soon Smile

Well done Irish! You did well to follow the advice of the majority, and you can see that the rest did you good, and you're back in the ring. I am very happy for your earnings, and we hope to continue reading about them here.
I think I would also like a break, because I am half stuck these days. We'll see how the weekend is going.
Good luck!

Many congratulations on your win and it is no surprise to see you back in form. Anytime i get an Ace heads up, its all in time for me and these two hands thankfully held up and got you the win. Form is temporary and class is permanent, welcome back!!

congratulations on your winning and I am glad that you have listen to us and that you took few days off from poker and now you can see how this was good!now everything is better and you can take opportunity to make even more money in this days!big Thumbs Up

A3 vs 77
- Ax (suited and unsuited) and any pocket pair are shovable preflop in heads-up no limit Texas Hole'em. It was an automatic all-in.
AKs vs 96o
- You dominated your opponent all the way.

Congratulations on winning the tournament. Have a good weekend.

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