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EPT: Steve O'Dwyer Wins Yet Another High Roller Title!

After about 12 hours of play on Sunday, Steve O'Dwyer was the last man standing of a star-studded field of 41 entries in the €50,000 Single-Day High Roller at the 2018 PokerStars and Monte-Carlo EPT! It was his second PokerStars $50k buy-in title this year after winning the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure High Roller in January for $769,500. In total, O'Dwyer has won eight tournaments with a [...]   Read more » EPT: Steve O'Dwyer Wins Yet Another High Roller Title!

EPT: Steve O'Dwyer Wins Yet Another High Roller Title!   0   
Not too many players in this tournament, so the payout wasnt that high,
for a 50k buy in.
Makes you wonder at some point if it does worth the effort participating in one.
with only six places getting paid

this is a tournament for those who really have a lot of courage .... buy in 50k with so few places awarded ... these high roller can leverage the bankroll of a player or takes you to more complete bankruptcy .... it's more I think poker is really a game for the audacious .... so you are not afraid of danger or like to feel that tightness in the chest

The entry for participation in this game cost as a single room in my city but a new one built. With these money you can buy a lot of things but these players have chosen to participate in this game. 41 players is not much but the entrance yes. They can arrange to have satellites for these high-entry tournaments but i think he would play for 2-3 days with many players.

41 player of course it's a little ... but all the players were cool so he really played cool ... congratulations .... something recently there were a lot more tournaments you do not think so? .... or so it seems to me like I previously did not very closely follow these tournaments .... maybe so

Congratulations to Steve O'Dwyer!
Steve O'Dwyer is undoutedly one of the best live poker tournament players. I am totally astonished at the incredible results he has been consistently getting over the past years.

Yes this is some situation where he wins so many tournaments with 50.000 or more buyins. I think of course it is not all luck, because luck is to win one time, but stewe o dwyer wins and wins and wins. He must be very good player and isngood nerves in bg moments

to keep on sprinting this tournament must be very good a life experience a whole day we will arrive there too who knows more there is more kkkk always nailing the boy with style and competence,

these tournaments with very expensive tickets are an extra pluz for the lives of these expensive poker athletes will be more lucrative even though large amounts of entry generate large prizes plus large perc

Many congratulations to Steve O'Dwyer on winning this event and the first prize of $676,300. Steve is fast becoming the man to beat in these events and i would n't mind having his bank balance!!!!

winning a tournament of this greatness brings not only a great financial independence but also much prestige and abreportar in the world of poker that goes of sponsorships of great marks and of great site to put a tournament of expression and very advantageous

what of different this player does what they have so much in secrets will be that and only play give the entrance and play these expensive tournaments or have something amais things that is who is professional and has more fights until one day arrives who knows there will find out kkkk

BankrollMob Forum » News » EPT: Steve O'Dwyer Wins Yet Another High Roller Title!

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