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Hope pokercentral doesnt see this thread, but if you go to pokergo website, and click subscribe, there is option to choose to get 15 min for free, all you got to do is enter email, and get code... i did that, it bugged a little after that, because there was email request in middle of screen, but after several min of fight with it, i got rid of it... and start to watch shrb, and it didnt stopped after 15 min LUL... I am already watching for hour and a half LUL... hope i helped some of you mobsters to watch it for free Blink maybe i will be able to continue watching tomorrow LOL

It works again... when i finished watching yesterday i exit full screen and it blocked me, so use your free 15min enter full screen and enjoy... i am watching now day 2 LUL hope they will not see this post and i could continue watching thru all days, and maybe even catch wsop coverage for free LUL

Edited by StheP (28 May 2018 @ 22:54 GMT)

Hi StheP, beg your pardon but...what is shrb? I was waiting for other participant in this thread that clear the matter, but my curiousity are bigger than my patienty Big Smile I couldn´t thought what could be so important and pay per view, and so famous that everybody could know it with his initials...but I couldn´t know it. Confused

only second biggest buy in tournament LUL Super High Roller Bowl (SHRB) 300k$ buy in tournaments with all top players in it, fedor yesterday busted negreanu is in, Phil Ivey was in, all germans, just evry single player is from top 50 all time money list, and there isnt single person with less than 5m$ from live tournament earning... and couple of buisnessman

I also had no idea what "shrb" was. Thanks for clarifying, StheP!
Rainer Kempe took down the inaugural event in 2016, and Christoph Vogelsang won last year's event. Will a German player win again this year?

I am amazed by you guys, how you didnt heard about second largest tournament evry year O.o its one of most prestigeous poker tournaments... O.o

Do not be surprised, until recently I did not know how to make gnocchi! Big Smile Big Smile
I loved to see the tournaments with top players in the tv. Few years ago, Poker Star had a program in cable that was running in Sunday 8:00 am...and I got up for see it! But now, noone poker´s program are running in my country! Sad

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