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Party Poker Click Card Championships  0   
When? 1st June to 15th July, 2018
How do I get in? Claim your free click card to be assigned to a team. Then collect points by playing various poker, casino and sports activities (see list) to represent your team and climb the leaderboards.
What can I win? A range of prizes, including freeroll entries, as well as a $5,300 seat to MILLIONS Online

you can see on link all terms and how you can collect points and everything:

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well this does look kinda juicy, especially if somehow miraculously one would win a 5,300 seat, that's one in a lifetime chance to play a tourney with such a big buyin for most of small rollers. nice promotion from party poker, really becoming a room to hang out at, now all I have to do is to create a team

It is a promotion that we dont see often. Not exactly a freebie one,
but if you are a regular, grinding on party poker, then you can end up,
winning some good prizes.
Good luck to all the one participating. May your team win Smile

Yep. Not really a promotion to attract new players to them, and more one to get those allready active there, to play even more and longer during the World Cup. But that is not unusual for Party during the last few years.

this offer is interesting but I'm sorry I will not be part of it I have not made a deposit for a long time and I do not play on the party other than the free roll tournament Smile I want luck to all who will be involved with some team Thumbs Up

I saw this promo a few days ago ... I understand that the team that you get appointed randomly? .... that is, there is no choice? .... if I get a team of Saudi Arabia, then stupidly hope for a good advancement from this team .... I'll try on June 1 and write here about the results

I can see that sirthomas sawed my news and that he edit my post and add link on BRM promotion page Big Smile !
for regular players this will be good,no matter you play poker,casino or you bet at their site!even its strange that you can max earn 10 points at casino section,but on poker lot more!

They cant be doing promotions all the time that are completely free.
And i doubt there is a single party poker player that has any complaints about promotions.
They keep having one after another, and i bet before the summer is over, they will put again,
a total freebie one Smile

Thank you, dule-vu, for letting us know about the upcoming promotional offer at partypoker. I don't know much about the 2018 World Cup but I will certainly take part in the promotion. Good luck to everyone.

it would be nice to change some rules,that you can earn more points at other sections or party site,not just to earn lot of points at poker games!but will see what will happen after this promotion start!

Time has come. The promotion starts tomorrow! I regularly play poker and casino games at party/bwin and I have taken advantage of their generous promotional offers numerous times. Let's see what tomorrow brings!

senegal for me Big Smile

10 Hands = 1 Point
20 Hands = 3 Points
50 Hands = 10 Points
100 Hands = 25 Points
Sit & Go Jackpots
Get 5 points for every 3 x Sit & Go Jackpot tournament played.
Get 20 points for winning 3 x Sit & Go Jackpot tournaments. (If you play 3 and win 3, you'll get 25 points).
MTT participation: Get 3 points for every 1 tourney you play.
MTT Final Tables: Get 15 points for every MTT final table you make. Get 50 points if you play and win one.

Get 5 points for all Football bets + In Play. (Min bet $5/min odds of evens, points awarded on settlement of bet).

Casino wager: Get 1 point for every $1 wager. (Min bet $1, capped at 10 points per day).

Got Germany Cool

Attached Imagesger.PNG

Croatia for me Smile

An interesting promotion that has takena little in terms of planning to ensure the more loyal players end up with the better results. Worth opting in if you are a regular at the site, or even if you fancy pushing the boat out and starting off a grinding careeer for the next 5 weeks or so. Good luck to everyone.

Today is the first day of the "Click Card Championships" promotion at partypoker. I just logged into my partypoker account and claimed my free card. My account has been credited with a tournament ticket (Australia).

"We come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow"

Go Team!

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Anyone want to trade Peru for the winner of the world cup Poland. Thumbs Up Dollar Blink

Oops. I thought I could get one free card every day, but I guess I was mistaken. It looks like I am going to have to stick with Australia. I guess hundreds of thousands of players start grinding $0.02/$0.05 Fast Forward tables once the Click Card Championships leaderboard begins on June 14.

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