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2018 WSOP: First Non-Bracelet Event won by Allen Cunningham for $14K

Even if there wasn't a WSOP bracelet awaiting the top winner, the prize money is reward enough for most poker players who have joined in on the opening event of WSOP 2018. On May 29, 2018 (Tuesday), the $250 Daily Deepstack was the opening event to this year's WSOP, and the one who bagged the event was five-time bracelet winner Allen Cunningham. He managed to defeat a field of 298 players, claimi[...]   Read more » 2018 WSOP: First Non-Bracelet Event won by Allen Cunningham for $14K

2018 WSOP: First Non-Bracelet Event won by Allen Cunningham for $14K  0   
A small prize for 1st place in this tournament. He does not even cover the entry amount in a buy-in tournament of 25, 50, 100 or 300 k. Instead Allen Cunningham's total earnings are excellent. I rarely heard of this player but 11 million and 266 k dollars earned in poker means enormous. That means this men playing poker very well.

wow what a great win for allen Cunningham, now this prize money of course massively improved his overall earnings from mere $11,712,000 to whooping $11,726,459. fantastic coup he got here, most sincere congratulations to allen form pochui

alk what in an event without wsop bracelet and the measm meisa of winning a tournament of my house playing on the site oline afff that s**t the only thing that pays even and the atinosfera and so the money and trash near what and ter a world championship bracelet that dung

The bracelet would have been nice, in addition to the prize. Rare to see a tournament with such small prizes in the WSOP.
Anyway, such money always comes in handy, and you can pay for a ticket to another WSOP tournament.
Although he has won 11 million in his career, I suppose he must have money to play other tournaments with better prizes.
We'll see if he has the same luck in the tournaments that remain.

A ver good reward for that buy in.
And the weird thing is that there wasnt many players in.
With only 259USD buy in i would expect more players in.
Probably they are in for the big money and not interested in change Smile

Who needs a bracelet when you win a nice tidy sum of cold hard cash? I have often wondered about bracelets and whether they really are worth winning. It’s nice t have a trophy but the money is surely far more important! Or is it? What do you think? I’m sure there will be a few views on this and I am interested to hear them.

Unless the bracelet has a value for me it is worthless.
It is exactly the same thing saying that you have won three first places in tournaments,
like saying, that you have won three bracelets.
Of course not all games awarding a bracelet. But so what?
In for the money, not the fame Smile

well yeah for me too a bracelet unless being made from precious metals and having a real retail value really has no real lure or emotional attachment. cash is king and it is the only reason I would be playing such tournaments, unless I would be mega rich already and play just for excitement, or like a hobby etc.

now this is very nice winning!for 250 $ to get over 14K and first place even he didnt get bracelet for this tournament!but in todays WSOP they give so many of them,so its strange to see how its different then WSOP before 5 or 10 years!

Very well done to Allen Cunningham for winning the $250 Daily Deepstack event. He is undoubtedly one of the most talented poker players in the world. He might win one or more WSOP gold bracelets this summer.

it must be boring in the background to know that you won a world championship poker event and not having the bracelet that is what really corrode the done more good for the money won the more I think he would exchange the prize for the bracelet I would trade and you

Yes it is some interesting tournament, because something new to have no bracelet in poker tournament in world series of poker and this is tournament many people can play because buy in is only 250 dollars

It's nice to read about Allen Cunningham doing well and comgratz to him. I havent read much about him lately which is surprising because he was always playing in the top tv games back in the day

BankrollMob Forum » News » 2018 WSOP: First Non-Bracelet Event won by Allen Cunningham for $14K

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