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The Slot Machine Player Who Beat The Odds Twice!

Back in 2005, a 92-year-old World War 2 veteran who goes by the name Elmer Sherwin has something unique in his life that most people cannot possibly experience, and that is, being able to win a Megabucks slot machine jackpot, not only once, but two times! It is indeed the very first time that someone has managed to win a sizeable jackpot twice in a lifetime. In 1989, Sherwin's first jackpot win w[...]   Read more » The Slot Machine Player Who Beat The Odds Twice!

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What a tremendous story and this guy sounded like a true gentleman. I can only imagine the feeling when the alarms and lights started going off and he realised the enormity of his wins

well yeah, this dude was a legend in the slots world I guess, it's more or less like when lighting hits you twice standing in the same spot. so in total he scooped well over 25 millions of dollars from slot machines... wow that is amazing result to be honest.

Great story, but the gentleman died 11 years ago and his wins were 1989 and 2005, which causes me to wonder why the story now?

However, nicer to read than "individual stabbed/shot/beaten/robbed" after leaving casino, so I can see it's merit.

P.S. I guess it's also still close enough to the US Memorial Day and he was a vet.

Well what can you say here. Not once but twice a huge jackpot.
And we can say that the first one was huge... The second one with 21 millions.
How do you describe this one? Smile
I think you can say he was a winning player, by playing the slots.

This man played a lot to win a jackpot for the second time but for trying to succeed the third time i think he played not two much from 2005 until 2007 because his age was too advanced. I'm sure he slept sometimes in casinos. It's not so easy to be fresh when you are nonagenarian. Smile

This is lucky to win once it is already almost impossible and two more kkkkk and a feat that will remain for the history of the games and more so that he is old enough and lucky or the luck that preaches a piece more was for who deserved because it helped a lot of people if fose another new one mnao would have done parabems

Who knows how much he was gambling, in terms of money and time.
But i would never try to win a third jackpot like this.
Random player after the first one yes, but also trying for a second one?
Not even that Smile

If you read the story on the internet of this man you will learn more about this. Over the years this person has always enjoyed playing Megabucks slots. Usually he earned at least some of the smaller prize money. He was a gambler of this slots. A lucky man. If he had played slots for 10 years it was possible to succeed once but who knows.

why luck chooses people like this at the end of life what they can do for others but for their family and luck pick the right people because this man of 92 years donated much to help the people he knew then I'm glad to be him.

yeah,what a luck you have to have,to hit two times same jackpot with such a huge amounts!this was great for him at that time!too bad that he didnt had more change to try to win for third time!maybe he was old at that time,,but he knewt what he want!

Wow, gigantic congratulations must go out to Elmer Sherwin, a WWII veteran, on hitting the jackpot not just once, but twice in his life. His incredible achievement must attract slot machine enthusiasts all over the globe.

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