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Las Vegas Tourist hits $1.4 Million Jackpot on Casino Slot Machine

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Posted on 07 June 2018 by "T".
This week, one female tourist in Las Vegas will definitely remember her visit very fondly as she managed to hit the jackpot prize on a slot machine at the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. The photo above shows Derek Stevens, the owner of the Golden Gate casino in downtown Las Vegas, and Rhonda L. of Wisconsin right after she won a slot machine jackpot worth $1,453,640 on June[...]   Read more » Las Vegas Tourist hits $1.4 Million Jackpot on Casino Slot Machine

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well that's certainly a day she will remember very fondly of, of course if she is not robber on the way home or beaten by a bunch of degens just because she has won and they have not... anyways, back to the topic- 1.4 millions of dollaros is a significant amount to cash to collect for like 99% of dudes and dudettes in the world.

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Very lucky this woman. Most of gamblers who play, dream of winning a jackpot but as we know this will never happen to them. It's fantastic to win such a big prize and it will remain for Rhonda L. of Wisconsin a very beautiful story. 9 spots on the reels to arrange yourself for many years. Cool

I am reading about these massive wins a lot over the last few weeks and it must be getting close to being my turn to win one!! Congratz to her for winning and i hope she enjoys spending it

Being a tourist hitting a jackpot like that. There is no doubt that this would be her best trip ever.
Unless she wins another bigger jackpot again Smile
Going into a casino with a few bucks, getting out with a fortune.
Still a dream for many Smile

this can happen only to somebody who is there like tourist and who want to try luck because its vegas!and its good that money goes to somebody who have normal life and now it can be changed!its good that you can see photo of owner and winner!

think only about making a trip to las vegas is already legal of more thing that will be remembered for the whole life and still win a millionaire prize of this already ja suckkkkkk luck

It could have been a local winning the jackpot.
You think they are picking the winners, rewarding them the jackpot?
If that was the case, all the money would stay in the "business" itself, with every jackpot
getting won by friends, relatives, etc Smile

This is super amount of money to win, i play sometimes in casino in my local city, sometimes eith friends, sometime alone and all i or my friends win is 1000 euros one time and it is big money to us, but 1.4 millions of dollars is amazing

How many times have we tried in a real casino to win something big.
Now its all over, just a drink to have fun with a few euros in a slot here and there
and whatever comes.
And of course, it is not happening Smile

you can imagine her face when she got all this symbols at screen!you must get so many of them,to get jackpot,so when you see 3 or 4,you can be happy,but to hit 9 of them is just crazy!dont know what was bet for this spin,but it was luck to her!

Woww, what a prize! I don´t know how many time (and chips) she had to take, but it´s really amortized! I don´t like the slots. No, they don´t like me! I love their moves, and color and songs...but they don´t give me anything. Really, I like them so much that I could make a picture withe the screen of the slot machine and hung it in my room!

I do not even like the slots but this year i noticed something about them. To win, you must be able to play these slots. You have to look here in the bankrollmob and see that they are free slot games. You have to look here where he writes - Useful Links - with red color and after that - Play Slots For Free - also in red write. Good luck my friend with these games and i hope you learn something good. Big Smile

Absolutely gigantic congratulations to Rhonda on hitting the jackpot worth US$1.4 million! Her family, friends, and colleagues must be so happy. I stayed at Golden Gate Casino for a couple of nights back in the early 2000s. I think its room rate was $14 or $15 plus tax per night.

Congratulations to Rhonda L. from Wisconsin for the prize she won: D the truth that if one would never forget something like that with a boat as nice as it is $ 1,453,640 ... I do not know what I would do with so much money already in my country that amount would have to multiply it almost 30 times more x as the dollar goes haha Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

BankrollMob Forum » News » Las Vegas Tourist hits $1.4 Million Jackpot on Casino Slot Machine

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