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Okay, this is for those of us who have requested our first free bonus on a new site and wanna have some friendly competition.

Main goal is to see how far we can take our free bonus. Everything is allowed - SnG, MTT, cash games whatever

I'll start out

Bonus: 50$+50$ FTP
EV: Dollar+. Try to get a stable bankroll and then make it 10k - if I get it to 10k, I will bet it all in 1 blackjack game, recorded ofcouse Big Smile.
Poker experience: 2 years, last 6 months 24/7 on Stars/Party

Strategy will be grinding and a big tournement once in awhile when the bankroll allows it ( Ferguson rule#2 "Tournement buy in must not be higher than 2% of your total bankroll" )

Status: Still awaiting my bonus Sad

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welcome !

no money transfer at weekend.
but after your ID is checked and you pass the eyes test, then it usualy only takes 24h untill you recieve your no deposit.
your not allowed to play blackjack with your no deposit - poker only!
GL with your bankroll !

Did you even read the thread.. you just put me on life tilt

i just comment on your "Status" tbh. and that with a bit sarcasm Blink
not up for a competition sry
ignore me Smile

This post by dunotra has been removed, probably due to being spam or because it was irrelevant to this topic.

Sorry mate, you have to get use to this forum. Many users only read 1st line in 1st post in every thread.
Your idea about some competition to keep the motivation up is fine but I seriously recommend you to search your grinding partner at PN instead of here and guess you understand why from the first couple of answers you got here.
Im a regular NL100/200 player so im not up for the challenge but I wish you best of luck and please reconsider going to the casino games when you reach 10K$ you will most likely lose your hard earned grinding money though it could be fun if you won.

Good luck at the felt Cool

Just dont go at blackjack with 10k. Wish you luck

If I had a new bankroll I'd be up for the challenge but I'm grinding over at UltimateBet at the moment. Will probably go back to FullTilt next week as the players at UB are so tight, their butts must squeak when they walk.

Lol, then i hope u wont reach 10k. Cuz it would be hard to fail just in one bj bet

I HOPE YOU DO reach 10 k very very unlicky though- i watched this program where a pro doubles up 2k to 4k in 1 Day he went on to see how far he could go he got to 5.6k hit a nuts flush got beat on river against a full house DRAW! sick beats will occur

I know what you saying, the tax thread was a pretty good example. I wouldn't mind finding another grinding partner - my room mate is driving me crazy at the moment, we both grind poker full time and have huge egos, but man hes a whiny bitch and swears he is the most unlucky person in the world at the moment. Hope those 100/200nl tables will be treating you good! If you feel like giving a few advices for the 100/200 tables I wouldn't say no Blink

Yeah UB can be pretty damn tight. My advice is to go to Pacific Poker. Its a feeding frenzy for a shark.

I know what you saying my man, but I'll do proper BRM when I get a roll going, I won't go into games with 2 BIs on me roll. Will probably start out 2 tabling low stake limit untill I reach another 10BI for the stake I'm playing and turn in another table untill I get to 6 tables, then grind moving up following Chris Fergusons BRM advices

@All wishing me luck
Thank you very much, appreciate it lots Smile. If anyone out there need some free couching or advice, feel free to pm me - sorry if it sounds cocky.

I think everyone who is playing alot of poker and starting to lose motivation should join in at a goal like this. Doesn't need to be 10k, could be 100 to 1000 or w/e you feel comfortable with. Will hopefully help getting some motivation and fun back in the game.

Everyone wondering why I'll go to casino, my bankroll is pretty good at the moment and I always wanted to do a Jack Strauss, it's not about the money, its about bragging rights. Oh and my room mate told me he'd ship me 5k if I lose it at casino so it's not all that bad

excuse the mistakes, been long nights the past few days

Edited by MrCyrudan (24 November 2008 @ 02:50 GMT)

Sure mate where in DK are you from? I live on Amager.

Regarding your friend, since I don't know him I can't say if he's a whining bitch or not but remember to support him, poker can be devastating and extremely evil. Some of the downswings I've met on my way has been sick, like 2 weeks playing several hours every day with non stop suckouts it can brake anyone or allmost atleast, Just have to hang in there and keep getting your money in good.

Regarding NL100/200 you know how poker is, it's hard to give advice without having a specific hand to analyze. Im no expert but I grind a living on the 6max, I'll be glad to comment on posted hands. Best general advice I can give would be to play ABC-poker most NL100 players play straight forward, at NL200 you meet the best players from NL100 and people get a bit more tricky but not much. A litlle bit more 3bet going on and there by more 3bet pots which are very important/crucial to get the best of. If you lose most of your 3bet pots it's allmost impossible to be a winner so make sure your on the right side in those pot Smile

Table selection and PT3/HEM is your every day best friend so my tactic is just to play on the biggest networks and Party so it's easy to find "soft" opponents.

Edited by M3turbo (24 November 2008 @ 03:57 GMT)

I'm not far from Copenhagen ( -hey no place in Denmark really is- ), like 45min drive.

Yeah I'm support him, but the downswing is unbelieveable, the card god just hate him at the moment, probably testing his poker faith! Tongue.

Regarding hand comment I might take you up on the offer - this is a pretty open forum though, especially when this'll be the nick I play under on FTP, I will just end up showing all my leaks

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