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BankrollMob’s World Cup Promotion - $11,500 in prizes! is running a Free Betting Contest ($3,000 in prizes) and Exclusive Poker Freerolls ($8,500 in combined prize pools) during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia!  The betting contest consists of 5 leaderboards: 4 weekly leaderboards Week 1: June 14 - June 17Week 2: June 18 - June 24Week 3: June 25 - July 1Week 4 & 5: July 2 - July 15 1 overall leaderboard[...]   Read more » BankrollMob’s World Cup Promotion - $11,500 in prizes!

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Congrats to France on their victory and to Croatia for the silver. Time flies and World Cup 2018 is a wrap.

Thanks BankrollMob and the generous sponsors for the World Cup promotion - it's always fun to take part, even if you don't win.

Congrats to the week 4-5 and overall leaderboard winners.

Yes like i think france to win match and no surprise to see results. Maybe something i not think is so many goals in final. 4-2 score for final is big and i think it is more like 1-0 or 2-0 not most 2-1.

I had 4-3 for France. Needed 1 more goal from Croatia, but it didn't happen. If it was 4-3 i was 1st on leaderboard, or at least top 10. It did win the WC one of the favorite before WC start. Croatia did rly nice and played very good.

Now a question for BRM, will there be something similar on Nations league?

Have a nice day / night and GL.

well I haven't done too good in this leaderboard, kinda started so so, but then lost interest since I didn't really expect any good results. but hey it was another great chance to win some moola organized by the lovely dudes from bankrollmob. congrats to all who managed to snatch a dollar or two

This promotion was really nice but I saw that the winner of whole leaderboard bet on the highest odds and count that he will be lucky. He bets without logic - like draw in this match but score 4-2. I know that was allowed but it's strange to lose to that guy... who dont predict... only hope for luck.

France wins the second World Cup in history after a beautiful match. Was a final with many goals and in future it is possible for this team to become a big one. I liked their defenders but not the goalkeeper in phase with Mandzukic. I'm sorry for the Croats but their luck today it was not so great.

It is always a great opportunity that gives bankrollmod to all their community and the possibility of winning great prizes, in this opportunity I could not get an award but I am happy for all those who did manage to win. thanks bankrollmod for the opportunity

Ditto to that. Thanks very much to Bankroll Mob. It was a lot of fun and gave me good reason to cheer for my picks. I don't know much about football, but my son and I made picks based on how he thought they as countries deserved to win. He'd pick the winner and I picked the score. We got creamed but it was a thing we did together for a while and had value to us. Thank you and congratulations to all of the winners. Worship

Well, this is it...the World Cup is finished! I think that is a world cup that break the continue of the big teams, Spain and Deutschland eliminated in the group stage, good games of México and Uruguay, Croatia subchampion in a very good game...may be that this tournament has disrupted a logical of the last 20 years...

Mysik86 he had every day bets with big result and big odds,but he knewt that he need to hit something big to be on top leaderboard!probably he didnt have lot of points and it was his right to bet on whatever he want!maybe its bad for other members who had great position till last game,but rules are this and he can use points on whatever he want!
maybe we will have some different rules on next world cup comeptition,but thats some other story!congratulation to winners!

congratulations to all the winners Thumbs Up someone hit unexpected results and that's great for them they received a large number of points and no one could skip them on the leaderboard ,I'm not happy with my performance, but I still hit some correct score Big Smile

Totally agree!

How many wins I have

Lost: France vs Croatia (2-1 @ 9.75)
Won 191: France vs Croatia (1 @ 1.91)
Won 220: Belgium vs England (1 @ 2.2)
Won 1350: Belgium vs England (2-0 @ 13.5)
Lost: Croatia vs England (2 @ 2.3)
Lost: Croatia vs England (1-2 @ 10)
Won 250: France vs Belgium (1 @ 2.5)
Won 775: France vs Belgium (1-0 @ 7.75)
Lost: Russia - Croatia (2-2 @ 18.5)
Lost: Russia - Croatia (2 @ 2.2)
Won 190: Sweden vs England (2 @ 1.9)
Won 775: Sweden vs England (0-2 @ 7.75)
Won 360: Brazil vs Belgium (2 @ 3.6)
Won 1250: Brazil vs Belgium (1-2 @ 12.5)

and how many he does

Week #4
Leaderboard updated:
Sunday, July 15, 2018.

Won 6700: France vs Croatia (4-2 @ 67)
Won 191: France vs Croatia (1 @ 1.91)
Lost: Belgium vs England (4-4 @ 100)
Lost: Belgium vs England (X @ 3.5)
Lost: Croatia vs England (2-4 @ 81)
Lost: Croatia vs England (2 @ 2.3)
Lost: France vs Belgium (3-3 @ 67)
Lost: France vs Belgium (X @ 3.2)
Lost: Russia - Croatia (3-3 @ 81)
Won 300: Russia - Croatia (X @ 3)
Lost: Sweden vs England (X @ 3.3)
Lost: Sweden vs England (3-3 @ 81)
Lost: Brazil vs Belgium (2-2 @ 14)
Lost: Brazil vs Belgium (X @ 3.4

So you want that BRM give first place to you and not to him?
You didnt lost anything,only one spot on leaderboard and you have nothing to complain!

Im quoting dule-vu dule

So dou dou dou you not dou dou dou him?
You dou dou dou., only dou dou dou complain!

MY answer dou dou dou

But,what are you talking about Mysick86 ,he predrict right score after all ,we must punish him???
You can pick that score too,nobody stops you Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
Like Dule said it was his only chance to do something and he pick right result.

Edited by schwabo (16 July 2018 @ 16:38 GMT)

You get me wrong guys. Of course that type of bets were allowed. But if leader of the leaderboard has something about 19000 points (whole 4 weeks), and from one match, they may earn more than 1/3 of this - it's something wrong. Of course, it difficult to predict result, but he play only highest stakes. In example: there were bets: Team A 1.90, Team B 2.20, draw 4 - he always pick the highest result - 4 in this example. And for match France-Croatia, the highest available bet was 4-2 for 67. If it will be available 5-0 with odd 100, then he will be bet on this result for sure.
I agree, that one or 2 bets like this will be normal, but whole time? They were lucky, that the result wasn't some like 5-0, 5-1 or 6-0.

Puh hard Diskussion it looks.But i will not read all now Blink
I'm only here in moment to say congrats to all winners.
I miss the first days,but in week 2 i win 1000 mob points.
I play on a other site a world cup game too. This was a little bit better.
You get 2 points for win ,3 points for The result +/- 1 and 4 points for The right result.
Maybe by the next event a Option i think this i a little bit better.

Mysik86 you again say same thing!probably this wasnt highest odds at this game,maybe for 4:3 was much bigger!all odds are max at 100!and dont think that he choosed biggest odds,just result that he thing that can be on this game!he guessed this time and he is at first place!
I also participated in contest in last years on one forum,where you get 3 points for correct score,2 points when you guess goal difference and 1 for winner!so you need to think for what result will be!

I think i know what Mysik mean.Betting on the right score is a lot of luck, you have one player he had 10 bets win but not the right score.Player 2 have only 2 times the right score and more points as player 1.
But this was the rules on the event,maybe the next event have other rules.

Posted by dule-vu:
Mysik86 you again say same thing!

But you dont get the point. If I bet incorrect results for whole event
and bet exact result with odd 100 only once, then I will be on top of leaderboard no matter what! So what idea of competition? Popular and most common scores has odd like 5-6 so even if you predict well 10-15 results, you will lose. And that's sad!
And did you saw history of their bets? Almost all of their bets has odd more than 60. Is it normal? Once or twice - ok, but always? They count for unusual results.

Edited by Mysik86 (17 July 2018 @ 21:36 GMT)

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