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-----In the first thread we talk about an general overview of what is needed to be a good player. In this thread, we will be more specific about Skill, in my opinion the most important "pillar" o a profitable play.
-----It is difficult because Hero needs to have a lot of "tools" in his "menu" and solve problem by the best way as much as possible.
-----To win Hero needs to play applying a better strategy against players applying worse strategies. It doesn't mean Hero has to know more about poker than other players, just having the best strategy.But when Hero wants to have best answers for the most problems as much as possible, he needs to have a bunch of ability to get information, a bunch of processing tools of information and ability to create profitable answers supported by processed data.
-----Hero has to be a good observer to see actions, tells, showdowns, findind villain's patterns and memorizing them to use them when is timely.
-----About tools, hero has to know about mathematical formulas to process data about, cards, odds and statistics:
=> Outs, Ranges and Combos.
=> Odds of hero cards vs Vilain's range in all streets.
=> Implied odds and reverse implied odds.
=> Explicit odds.
=> Pot odds
=> Equity
=> Fold Equity
=> Expected Value
=> Independent chip model
and other, and other mathematical formulas
-----Hero must have ability research in his mind all necessary information, process it with his "tools" and use the results to chose a way to earn the maximum of chips, or save the maximum and build a profitable career in the long term.

The best skill is to go not tillt Blink
The other skill like pot odds ,mathematic and so on are basic rules you must know it to be a good player.
Like the bankroll management one of the most important skill by playing poker when you will win in a long term.
The most of the pro players write every player have Bad runs sometimes for Weeks or month without a good bankroll and a good bankroll management you will go broke in these time.
You must Analyse your game in these time and look of you play good or of you make mistakes.
When you not make mistakes you must stay cool and waiting for a good run that will come when you play good.

Every poker player wants to be a winner, right? No one wants to be a loser.
It takes enormous dedication and intense training to be successful in the competitive world. And only a handful of the strongest players will survive over a long period of time.
Good luck at the poker tables, frnandoh.

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BankrollMob Forum » Poker Strategies » Why is difficult to win in poker? (2)

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