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Hey Kiddies looks like I'm back after Hiatus.  0   
Hye boys and girls hope all my forum buddies are doing well and prospering at everything you try in this life. even though failure is what we probably learn most from so don't be too upset if things aren't going to plan thing tend to figure themselves out.

Been away from the computer for a while as I went back to work and am doing very at the moment. things seem to have really gone my way in the past little bit and i might give the tables a try once again this summer.

built a good roll from cash jobs for the past 4 months now and have played recently down at Fallsview casino Niagara Falls. Cashed quite well one day on the 2/5 NLHE tables and ran my strack from starting at 450$ cdn up over 1900$ in a 9 hour session. a few monster hands and 1 pot of over 1050$ went in and i had nuts Aces full against made flush river. trapped my oppenent like a champ after flopping boat and letting him catch up.

Nice too be back and hope to see the old timers back in the threads with your boy.

Congrats man welcome back

nice numbers there... now make those numbers online Blink Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Very nice congrats and welcome back i wish you luck for the next hands and another great pot

Quite some time since you were here.
Glad you are doing ok and you can still win money in poker Smile
We are hoping that your come back will have even more good results, than the ones you were
having before your break.
Welcome back and good luck.

So played my first online tourney in about a month and almost made some good money.

Sat down in the 0.88 c Common Cents series on Stars and ended up finsihing 82nd out of 9675 other players. So i shouldn't be too down as i easily made profity but was a long trip for about 7.50$ in earnings . But on the other hand i was sitting top 20 with about 250 runenrs left.

Big hands that killed my stack were JJ vs AK all in pre and they Ace. Then i made critical error with AT hit top pair and they have bigger pocket pair and take about 95% of chips. i ended up doubling up again and then somehow got up to nearly 600k but then got outplayed badly and was out.

Again 82nd out almost 10k runners is great but so close to bigger money and much more fun.

Good to hear from you guys and hope to have more tales of even bigger scores very soon.

My game feels right at the moment and i think i might be able to pickup a win very soon if not today Blink

Welcome back buddy, good to hear that you won serious cash with that full house and you made me laugh when I saw that you that hand like a champ to trap your opponent lol.

Hye gotta throw some humour into every thread or it would be a bore, am i right ?

It's great to see you back on the forum my friend and we have all missed the regular updates. It sounds like you are having a blast at the moment and it's nice to hear of one of our own doing so well

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