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Croatia won England 2:1 after 120 min.  +1   
Yes Croatia won England 2:1 after 0:1 in 1st half,then 1:1 after 90 min. and 2:1 sfter 120 min.
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After England says they won against Croatia sleeping,ha ha ha,now England you can wake up !!!

Congratulations to all Croatian members. This is a big days for Croatian football. They deserve to WIN TODAY!!! They were lost in first half , but after the break they were brilliant. England looks lost after they conceded goal. England is coming home.

Congratulations to Croatia national football team for winning against England national football team yesterday. It was a great game to watch.
Best of luck to both Croatia and France in the World Cup final.

Someone is over excited here Smile Not a bad thing though.
Is there actual a personal gain from this, or from any other event or a game,
that a country is being represented ?
This country won... the other country won, ok good for them, now lets move on Smile

The truth was played very well by the Croats ... for me, England fell asleep thinking that I had won the game and that the Croatians were not going to be able to turn the match around and if they finished too hahaha Shock Shock Shock

No disrespect to Croatia as they are a good solid team with talented world class players but I think England blew up a massive chance there against a tired team. Now definitely France will win but I'm not saying that they will easily...

yeah like calmplay is saying that englad more or less blew a great chance to try and play for 1st place... now all they have left is a consolation game and maybe a bronze medal, wonder if it means anything for a pro footballer? probably still better than no medal I guess... odds on for france to win the tournament though

I think England will lose against Belgium too,they must be happy if they won bronce,Belgium play Ok and they will send England without anything,Belgium send Brasil home if we remember and Croatian players all year play in Real;Barcelona,Inter,Juventus,scoring goals every week in their leagues and in Champions league all in 1st teams,now I see Brozović is running 16,4 km in match against England,everybody talks they are tired but no one don't want to go out without England,couch want to put someone fresh i think they can do it ,all great individuals and now we have couch who learn they to be very united this year and to not lose head if you lose momenthaly only to belive in their plans ,that is reason I think they will be rewarded with gold.
Modrić I think will be the best player ,in Real he had 3 Champions league won,cups and rest only he must won Gold in World Championship Thumbs Up
At the end will be:
Worship Worship Worship Worship

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No English posts on here yet? Come on lads where are you?

England simply through it away before they even got onto the pitch, and then scoring after 4 minutes really made it the most difficult game the have ever had To play. From that moment on Croatia, with patience and perseverance had the game in the bag. So much so, I threw a bet on at half time for Croatia to win...... they just missed out on that by drawing at 90 minutes...... but it was written in the stars. For weeks now we have been saying that a new team will win the world ciup. Looks like it will be Croatia’s time. Well done.

The sleeping Englands cost me around over 70 Bucks,but i get something of the money back to France will win the world cup.So i hope they will do it Blink
Belgium - England is not easy to bet. I think belgium will win but i have made a bet on England too.
The whole world cup was sometimes very crasy.When only 50% of favourites bet will win i had a lot of money more.
But congrats to croatia to make a good game and reach the final.

Many lost money from that game, but what you can do.
You cant win them all.
And at the end, it is the surprises that pay big.
Maybe we should start chasing such results, even with low bets Smile

If the truth is right because who would think that they would like to give back the game like that and thank goodness not to bet anything on anyone or anything haha but good things that sometimes happen Tongue Tongue Tongue

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