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2018 FIFA World Cup Final - France vs. Croatia

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Final is the football match that every fan is excited to talk about. The upcoming event shall be the 21st final of the FIFA World Cup, a tournament held every 4 years in which men's national teams of the member associations of FIFA battle it out on the field. The winners of the World Cup will then qualify for the 2021 FIFA Confederations Cup. Semifinal Matches - Results [...]   Read more » 2018 FIFA World Cup Final - France vs. Croatia

2018 FIFA World Cup Final - France vs. Croatia  0   
Yes now we have only two teams from four and it is france and croatia. I think in first semi final france to win but in second sentence final i think it is england so croatia is small but surprise to me.

France has to be considered the favorite here. They beat every opponent in the knock out games in 90 minutes, and there were some tough nuts to crack along the way. And they have some heavy hitters still on the bench. But every game starts at 0:0.

yeah more or less what shokaku said- france are the favorites, and they have a nice mix of experience and youth, also have been around with dechamps for longer than Croatia with their coach, so pre match it looks like it's france's world cup to lose... if Croatia do win it I don't think margin will be bigger than single goal, maybe in extra time again, or penalties

I would like a beautiful final with many goals and at the end of the match Croatia to score a goal more than France. I want another team to win a world in premiere. If Mario Mandžukić will play i would like to score two spectacular goals. I hope Franta to cry of annoyance after this final.

France are going to go off clear favourites in this but, i think, it might be closer than the bookies think. I saw that Croatia were 4/1 to win in 90 minutes and that must be worth a small bet

This will be an interesting match. I don’t think it will be one of the classic World Cup finals to remember and speak to your grandchildren about but it will be one of tactical brilliance and the occasional moment of excitement. I secretly fancy Croatia to do it but wonder whether their legs will last!

to me, despite being the ones who left us out of the World Cup, I think France will take the victory ... although I also liked how the Croats play, I would see the match because nothing expresses it better than with the actions instead of the words Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

France, winner of the African Cup... Big Smile sorry World Cup . Officially no team in Africa has passed the groups but have won gold medals far more Africans than Europeans lol Smile . I'm sorry for the Croatian team it was nice to win but France he defended well. The Croatians played well but the penalty and other two goals it counted a lot in this match.

Haha, that's racist! But I think the same. France won, thanks to immigrants. But immigrants show themselves after match, when they demolished city centre of Paris...

Back to match - I'm happy that many goals were scored - it was nice match, and I think, the referee hurt Croatia a bit in first half. But second half was French. They deserve it after this second 45 mins.

But it's over. Now we will wait for next WC in Qatar Smile It will be strange to watch WC in December Smile

Mysik86, Was just a joke, a real joke but not racist because i like africans with other citizenship which bring a plus for human race in industry like actors, musicians, athletes, footbal, sport, medical etc. I also like Africans who have the same way of thinking as normal Europeans. The next world championship will watch him when it's cold and hope we will not have any war in Europe and we will be healthy.

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