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Chip Leading a small tourney late on Party  0   
hi boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and trying to get over some late blowups yesterday and playing some smaller buy-in tourneys tonight.

It's a 1.50$ Bounty Hunter 300$ gtd. Now sitting 1 of 14 as i've been chip leader for almost 45 minutes to an hour now. already 8 Bounties collected for 7.49$. already 5x my buy-in juts in bounties.

Just hit break and going to get some air want to really finish this off even though payout isn't great it'll be good for the confidence making a final table and hopefully winning it all.

Wish me luck!


Again not the biggest prize for the win but i'll certainly take a win and day of the week.

Sitting 2 of last 8 runners and have huge stack to play with.

Be back when close to heads up!


Edited by TheIrish77 (13 July 2018 @ 08:33 GMT)

   0 still running well Thumbs Up . Waiting your final result, I wish 1st place !! and do you have another deep run ? since you always play more than 1 table and more 1 table deep run Smile Good luck Irish.

Thanks mate, fell apart a bit but still in 2nd spot with only 5 left.

No only 1 run going. too tired to reg anything else and busted a couple of others already.

Back in the lead now 1 of 3!

Heads up now with 16 milly to my opponents 3.5 milly. big enough lead ? hope it holds.

wow epic melty heads up and out in 2nd. won like 44.00$ for all that work. too bad i cant seem to hold together late.

Night all.

Edited by TheIrish77 (13 July 2018 @ 10:07 GMT)

Congratz anyway Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Nice win for $1.5 buy in.Got a lot from bounty, should be well played. But I fell sorry you didn't win 1st place. Big opportunity but that's poker < I got it many time as well. Be better next time Smile

It is a good win, and you have added something more to your bankroll Smile
You were almost there hitting another first position finish.
Probably it is around the corner that moment Smile
Good luck.

THanks Mober and Serprang, Really wish i had taken home the victory especially with the massive chip lead i once had. but after 6 hours couldnt take anymore poker and just jammed bad hands and lost.

Another solid run and more cash added to BR. ging to be off today and tomorrow and back on Sunday and play some bigger buy-ins also!

Have a great weekend all my Mob friends and talk on Sunday!

Enjoy The finals tomorrow as well as i'm sure most of us on here will be with a beer or two in hand !

Good results

Gigantic congratulations to TheIrish77 on finishing the $300 guaranteed tournament in 2nd place and winning $44, which is approximately 30 times the tournament buy-in. You almost won the tournament. Better luck next time.

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