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A very profitable world cup for me  +1   
I start the world cup with 2 offers from free money 1x 5€ 1x 11€ and that gives me 10€ and 36€
After then i deposit on the one site 10€ and get another 20€ Bonus.
Cashout 20€ then i invest another 10€ on a other site to take the next free money and so on.
I play on 6 sites after a short time to get free money.And on 5 sites i made cashout.
All in all i deposit 50-60€ on these site for bonus and freebet.
And i made around 250€ so i win 190-200€ Big Smile
Now i have only small amounts between 1-10€ on the sites but maybe i make a little bit more for another cashout.
So it was a very lucky and a profitable world cup for me.
50€ i will invest in the next free bonus offer. The other money is safe no reason to gamble with all My winnings and to risk all get lost. Blink

Congratz on the betting success with the world cup. I won a $6 sports bonus over at 888 Poker had to wager 30x and completed it with $120 profit Big Smile On William hill I had some free bets and bet them on Poland the first gift goal they let in was the end of that bonus.

Congrats too vIc Thumbs Up i hope for more winnings stories Smile

Congratz to you too Watoba Big Smile Big Smile Seem so easy to withdraw, no minimum wager limit ? usually there are min wager to withdraw and should be win big enough!! That's not easy to win since we are no have luck,lol.

Sure wager limit but on the one site only 1x Bonus ammount. And on the other sites normal wagering.But a lot of freebets with no wagering on one site,bet a min.of 5€ on a WC game,and next day i get a 5€ freebet,many good offers on the WC.
I bet not only on WC ,i bet too on NBA,WNBA ,MSL and skandinavian football.
I use a few sites with bet Tips and then i look for more information to find the right bets.
In moment runs good.

Gigantic congratulations must go out to our fellow forumite watoba on his great achievement. You got the most out of the World Cup promotions. This year's World Cup was filled with numerous dramatic and unexpected events, wasn't it?

Yes very good and profitable world cup for you watoba about 200 euros of profit is very good result. You are active and use many bonuses and promotion and now you have good bankroll for this.

It was not bad for a small profit from the betting in the shops.
It was nice after quite some time with no bets.

vic made a nice profit from that bonus on 888 poker. Congratulations.

Many congratulations man for the winnings that you have gotten even though it looks little all serves so welcome is to the plate hahaha to me I went wrong with the bets but good so this is sometimes given other not Blink Blink Blink

Ty all for congrats. Here a few pics from my bets.The win from germany vs Schweden with kroos late minute goal gives me 36€ and good starting stack.

Attached Images1531855118518.png 1531855059775.png Screenshot_2018-07-17-20-58-01.png 1531855170768.png Screenshot_2018-07-17-20-59-37.png Screenshot_2018-07-17-21-00-02.png Screenshot_2018-07-17-21-09-48.png Screenshot_2018-07-17-21-10-33.png

Now after some time that world cup is end i tey to calculate how.much money i make on world cup in spirst bettijg in my local bookmaker office, and overall i win about 20 euros, so good that it is profit and not loses

Always good getting a profit from whatever you play.
And it is a nice amount. You can keep betting with that profit, for even more Smile
All you need is to pick the right games once more and have luck with it.

Ty i will try it. Blink

good bets and of course a good intuition ... or maybe you scrupulously track information about upcoming games and then correctly use it .... in any case, excellent bets .... I congratulate you on your winnings and I wish good luck in other bets .... this your calling

If you are lucky, you are lucky. With betting you have more chances to win,
since you can find some info on the games, players etc.
On other "luck" games you cant.
But if you are lucky... a friend of mine won 500 euro today on keno with eight numbers right Smile

The girlfriend from a friend of me is very lucky by dice games. They playing a pirate dice games.And she winnings 90 from 100 games against his boyfriend.
Its unbelievable sometimes i play too and we play with 3 people and she is so lucky ,you can really not win against her more as 1 or 2 games.Most times you win not only one game Blink

And without luck you can not win.So as i say before without kroos goal in the last minute,i dont have the 36€ ,and without the 36€ i dont think i ve get all the money.

One of my friends know a man he working by a Sport site. Its his work ,so he had many information and he make good money with Sportsbets normaly.
But by the worldcup he loses a lot of money.I dont know what for a game and how much money he complete lost but my friend told me he had make a bet with 600€ and lose and he bet normaly not under 100€ for one game most times more.So the world cup cost him a lot.
And all the information and expericene he had help him nothing so he was not lucky this time.
I think is a good example for luck is not all,but without luck all is nothing.

Edited by watoba (25 July 2018 @ 22:35 GMT)

Thats a really great return on your investment. As have been said already, some luck is needed to win at these things and its the same with poker really. You can be extremely skilled but without any luck what so ever you're not gonna win. Luck is a smaller part of the equation, but none the less, it is still a factor.

In any case, you did some great bets and you had a good instinct. Keep doing that and you'll be rich in no time Blink

Yes i too think luck is very important when you play any game that is in casino in sportsbetting and poker... And i too have some people who work is local bookmaker but they not make money from betting

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