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BankrollMob Forum » News » John Hennigan and Mori Eskandani Inducted to Poker Hall of Fame

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John Hennigan and Mori Eskandani Inducted to Poker Hall of Fame

Tags: John Hennigan, Mori Eskandani, Poker Hall of Fame
Posted on 17 July 2018 by "T".
John Hennigan (left) and Mori Eskandani (right) have been inducted into the prestigious Poker Hall of Fame. The owner of the Hall of Fame, The World Series of Poker, announced last Thursday that the two people shall become their 55th and 56th members for their exclusive club. The 10 finalists were announced earlier this month right after an online nomination procedure. The two men were the lucky[...]   Read more » John Hennigan and Mori Eskandani Inducted to Poker Hall of Fame

  18-Jul-18, 07:31   #1
John Hennigan and Mori Eskandani Inducted to Poker Hall of Fame 0 
Joined: Mar '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 51 (M)
Posts: 7371
Many congratulations to these two guys on being inducted into the Poker Hall Of Fame. John Hennigan thoroughly deserves his place but it is nice to see Mori Eskandari being put in for his stellar work in fetching us poker on t.v.

  18-Jul-18, 11:42   #2
Joined: Jan '10
Location: Indonesia
Age: 56 (M)
Posts: 1849
Appreciation for his valuable work in poker is very good idea, so is not only best poker player on the Poker Hall of Fame in memories Smile But why there aren't candidate for woman, am I misinformation ?should be read more poker news Smile

  18-Jul-18, 16:04   #3
Joined: Jan '17
Location: Lithuania
Age: 62 (M)
Posts: 1756
I personally dont hear about any guy, of course i am not very much reading all information abiut many poker players, i know some superstars like phil ivey, durrr, patrick antonius, tony g and some more but not know these guys

  21-Jul-18, 20:45   #4

Joined: May '08
Location: Lithuania
Age: 35 (M)
Posts: 10090
whatever. really. like totally and utterly whatever. ok ok, I guess it is kinda cool to be included in such a list, you can brag to your table colleagues and maybe it adds a tiny touch to your table image, like really tiny, roughly 1mm or less me ponders

  22-Jul-18, 22:17   #5
Joined: Jan '14
Location: Romania
Age: 40 (M)
Posts: 5488
Serpang, there are women who come in Poker Hall of Fame but is separate to men. Lupe Soto and Maria Ho won this title in 2018. Jennifer Harman is there from 2015. She was supposed to do for women in this way do not feel discriminated. I think it is normal this thing.

  23-Jul-18, 12:39   #6

Joined: May '09
Location: Croatia
Age: 34 (M)
Posts: 8751
I cant say that I knew much about this two players and what have they done to be part of hall of fame,but for sure this people knew why they give them this!probably is hard to come in this hall of fame and for sure in next years more of them will be there!

  1-Aug-18, 12:24   #7
Joined: Oct '16
Location: Argentina
Age: 65 (M)
Posts: 2138
I did not hear from them either.. But all my congrats for they! and what honor, I think that some players that was nominated (Moneymaker, for example) are more knewed than they. So these guys have to be serious top players. I need to look for some videos of John "Johnny World" Hennigan in Youtube. I understand that Mori Eskandani got your prize for his promotional work in poker difusion.

BankrollMob Forum » News » John Hennigan and Mori Eskandani Inducted to Poker Hall of Fame

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