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Hey boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and back at it this afternoon on Party and making a run at things in this tournament.

Have a Big Stack now sitting in 6th spot with 69 left. Top 72 were paid so now all profits from here on out! Fired only my original buy-in of 55 cents so could make decent profit with final table run.

Have already collected 4 Ko's so looking for more from all those other big stacks!

Wish me luck guys be back with updates...

Out in 36th Disagree

Edited by TheIrish77 (19 July 2018 @ 19:49 GMT)

I not was quick and so no congratulations in time and only 36 poace to finish. But it is also situation where you get in money and this is good because no problems to your bankroll. Good luck in future

I can understand your frustration at some point, cause you keep getting good results,
and you want to reach up higher that ladder in payments, but there are too many players,
struggling to get only one good result. So you are way ahead Smile
Congratulations once more.

Well the truth sometimes happens as well there good day also plays other not as good as one would like ... but not to decay and put it kill you can, I do not play in party because for now I only walk in one but maybe you see more ahead Confused Confused Confused

You seem to be doing well in these bounty hunter tournaments of late and this discipline really suits you. You get the chance to win more in bounties than actual prize money which is good

36th only, but still profit Blink From $0.55 to $2.00 is over 400% profit.

So congratulations to you!
But playing 4 hours just for $2 is sad...

Congratulation anyway!! Since you ITM is ok. I mostly get crap card since start, sometimes just 1 or 2 hand decent to play so not easy to reach ITM. But you so often get ITM, that's very good. We need luck as well to reach final table. Good luck next tourney.

once again I see pleasant messages from our hero BRM on the game in tournaments and the publication of the results of his good results ..... Of course I congratulate you and wish you good luck in the further game of tournaments and new wonderful results ..... cool .. hero

Congratulations, TheIrish77, on cashing in the Bounty Hunter tournament at partypoker!
I haven't played any tournament with over 500 players for a long time. I am not a big fan of a large field multi-table tournament.

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