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I haven't really had much choice in the matter, work has taken up way too much time. Only a little bit over 2 weeks to go then things will return to normal. I've got a lot going on right now tho so poker is a low priority subject. I'll play if I get some time over. But as I said, work takes up a lot of my time. Currently I've been sent to get some further education in negotiation and reaction force strategy and sometime during december I'll most likely get sent to an extensive and more in depth course in baton use. Need less to say I've got my hands full at the moment...

That's good!!! stay away from poker for a while, especially you at downswing moment. You aren't a pro,lol. Wish you can focus in your study and bring you work better and get good career . that's more valuable .

Not bad having your hands full with work.
From what you are saying, you re going to get more educated on what you are doing,
which translates in a better position and payout in the future right? Smile
Always great to have a steady income no matter what, that is not depended on gambling.

Well, I think it's safe to say that my downswing has officially come to an end! I played a few MTTs today and I'm slowly getting back to my winning ways. Today I got to the Final Table and finished in 3rd position! $27.54 won from that $1.10 game. In total, I made buy-ins worth $2.86 so I made a $24.68 profit on the day!

I must say I'm happy with this, even tho I would have really liked to win when I got so close!

Attached ImagesFinal Table.png

Congratulation!!! Thumbs Up welcome back to your origin track Big Smile Big Smile . wish you will play better and better Good luck

a great result for one day of the game ... considering that you used to make a few cents profit was glad .... now your winnings are progressing .... Congratulations on this .... I hope you will have more winnings soon. .. Good luck in the game .... trying to find you in twitch but you are not broadcasting there .... very sorry

About time for your luck to change. You had a nice outcome at the end with a good daily profit.
If you could only keep it that way, if not in daily basis, every other day Smile
Congratulations for your win and better luck on your next session Thumbs Up

Made a small profit today playing MTTs, only $0.57 but it could have been much better. I feel like one single hand pretty much decided how it was gonna go for me. Had I won that one (I was ahead when the chips went in) I would have been in a really solid position for another final table. Instead I got my chip count cut down to about 1/3 of what it was and I couldn't recover from there.

Still, a pretty decent day. Next weekend I'll be playing the Monster Series! $15.40 of my bankroll are earmarked for those games! Due to my current financial situation, I really had no other choice other then to cashout $54.41 leaving my bankroll at only $50 (plus the Monster Series entries). I'm hoping I can manage ti build that up to a solid number!

Due to this early cashout, I'm most likely not gonna make another withdrawal this year. That means that from now on, all of my profits will go towards the christmas presents of 2019!

Still the bankroll you have left in, is a good one, and can play you lots of games.
Plus you have still time, till the end of the year, considering though only as days,
and not available days that you can play poker Smile
But at the end you need only one big win...

Yeah, you're absolutely right! If would manager to win one of the Monster Series games I would probably get me a payout of around $300 (only speculation) and a win like that would go a long way towards, well, everything Tongue

If it has rebuys, you can push it a little bit more, trying to get s healthy stack early,
and then start pushing the table with aggressive play Smile
It is a tactic many are following in such games. But it can be proved costly,
if you get tilted in a game style like that Smile

I hate rebuy games!

I played a few MTTs tonight since I've got a day off work tomorrow. It started out really bad with me losing about $7.50. It then started turning around for me and I got ITM on 2 MTTs at the same time then all of my luck ran out. Lost KK against KT so I only won $4 on that one and the other one I lost AJ against J9 so I only won a little bit under $0.50 on that one.

All in all, I ended the day with a $3+ loss. Still a decent result I guess. And I'm fairly sure I've learned something along the way. I'm never making any profit from the Bounty MTTs. They are a big dranage for my bankroll, nothing else! So basically I'm not gonna play those anymore. I like the concept but if I'm not earning any money, there's no point in playing them.

Since you reach ITM more than one, that's indicate you still in 'luck area' LOL Big Smile Big Smile .Continue your struggling , wish you will meet really nice one MTT and win nice price. Waiting good news from you soon. Good luck

The bounty games that one should play assuming there is a healthy bankroll, is the progressive ones.
A nice hit there, can give you, your buy in back, plus a profit, without even reaching the money Smile
But go with what you think is best for you in the way.
Better luck in your next sessions.

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