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Some time you can play really good and have nice cards like the whole game,
and when you reach heads up, nothing wins.
You can even get the best cards and even lose the game.
It is annoying, but what can you do? Forget and move on to the next game Smile

Posted by Mober: Forget and move on to the next game Smile

good suggestion!!!
Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile I ever lost 20 times in a row at PS, $3 buy in. Anything I did is wrong, even AA shove preflop Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile So...forget it and move to the next game ? No..... I gave up at that time. Sad Sad

Edited by Serpang (28 August 2018 @ 14:01 GMT)

During my 6th game at ACR I was doing really well until my girlfriend comes in and starts to hassle me about this and that, things I have no controll over which, apparently, is my fault. I got kinda mad and as a result I started tilting and making really bad choices and in a matter of 2 or 3 minutes I had fallen way behind so I went on major tilt and shoved with 83o and got called by A9 which held up and out I went...

So now I have the awful stats of only cashing in 2 of 6 games which is so not like me in these games. I'm usually breaking even if I only get minimum multiplier which means I generally win about half of the games I play.

I'm to mad to keep on writing on the forum tonight or do anything else for that matter so I'm just gonna sign off now before I say or do something really stupid! Aww crap!

Take a break Erru would be the wise choice here mate. just refocus next time you sign on and you'll right back in the swing of things.

Breaks from poker are a good thing mate trust me on that one.

P.S. I totally get the whole Girlfriend coming home and ruining games thing. lmfao

Yeah...sometimes temptation come to disturb our plan Smile .Test our patient and capability to handle circumstances like that. This time your GF, next time allinner opp,lol. We always have tomorrow. Waiting your good news Smile .Good luck

Distraction and getting emotional during your game, is the worst thing it can happen,
outside the game itself.
You should plan your sessions more carefully, preferably when your girlfriend is not around,
or plans to come back real soon Smile

Better luck on your next games.
Now we should also wishing you good luck, for your girlfriend not to come back,
before your sessions are over Smile

You guys are making some good points. But me and my girlfriend live together and this thing happened in the evening after she had gone to bed so not much I could do about that.

Anyway, yesterday was a crap day, I just felt a little bit off my game after a couple of hands so no surprise I lost the one game I played. I did play today as well and now I felt really good and I completely outplayed my opponents and won another $4. I have a total of $12 on my account now and I'll be given another $4 tournament dollars.

Did you mean play at ACR ? Congratulation you have found your good performance again, wish will continue for long term. I believe you will build good bankroll there Smile . Waiting any good news from you. Good luck.

Yeah, at ACR. I just had a good game over there. I used my daily 2T$ (only have one left one, comes tomorrow) and this time I spun a $12 prize pool. I outplayed the competition completely and without any problems what so ever I took down the table and walked away $12 richer. I've now reached and passed my $20 goal after these 10 games and I now have a decent bankroll sitting at $24 with one more free game. I really hope I can win that one so I reach $25+ which is enough for a withdrawal using Skrill. I'm then gonna redeposit those $25 to take advantage of their first deposit promotion Blink

Congratulation!!! But I am not sure you can make withdraw without deposit . Even we must get rake amount 2.5% of our first deposit to eligible make withdraw. Is the rake count since we start play there or start after first deposit I am not clear enough. We have to ask CS/withdrawal staff to know our rake, no information about rake at their system yet.

Nice result there with that tournament dollars/
You still have more, so if you get lucky, you could win even more money Smile
Congratulations on your win, and good luck, growing that bankroll of yours,
hitting that cash out button Smile

when the tournament is going on I usually do not get distracted by extraneous matters and conversations ... they interfere with my concentration and therefore lead to a bad game ... but of course if for me the tournament is not very hard I can do other extraneous things as I do not really try to win

I just got my withdrawal to my Skrill account, $25 Smile next step is to redeposit and take advantage of the first deposit bonus package. I'm probably not gonna have time to release the entire bonus amount or play the freeroll tho, but I'll get the $50 free cash Big Smile so all-in-all you could say I have a $78 bankroll to work with over there!
My thinking is that since the competition is softer over there, I'll only need 50 buy-ins for each level. And there are such huge jumps between the levels that I figur I'm gonna be stuck at the $2 level for quite some time.

Really ? congratulation Thumbs Up Thumbs Up I surprised you can withdraw without deposit. Did you certify your ID?
Yeah, buy in at jackpot isn't nice...$2 jump to $10. I thought you will build bankroll much better over there Smile Smile Good luck

There are a few sites that do nit require a deposit, in order to cash out.
Not even if you are a new customer, have taken a no deposit bonus, and managed
to win real cash with it.
It make the whole procedure of cashing out, real fast.

I haven't verified anything at all. I just registered my Skrill e-mail address. I did that on friday I think so it took about 48 hours to get my money.

In any case, there's gonna be some rake that I need to generate in order to make another withdrawal but that doesn't really matter. I'm not gonna make another withdrawal until sometime in the middle of december. I'm gonna need it to buy christmas gifts Big Smile

Wow very nice!! when I asked withdrawal staff he said I should verify my ID , bill address , bank account Sad . Should be since I deposit with skrill, my ID definitely clear by logic. Skrill always ask them, right ? Confused

as it seems to me the theme of the post was the statistics of certain games .... as I see now it's completely wrong .... I looked in to see how the game is going but ... there is a completely different conversation .... ok ... .no certainly if what that the subject develops it is normal

Even if you have to rake the money, i believe that wouldnt be a problem,
if you are a regular and you are grinding there.
You may even win more on your way, of fulfilling the requirements Smile
Plenty of time till Christmas Smile

That's strange. I kinda thought that I would have to verify something but I'm happy that I didn't. Saved me a lot of time.

Well, it is about the subject. It's a small sidetrack but it has to do with my stats since it's about how I'm planning to grow my bankroll.

Yeah,I'm hoping to earn a lot until then! Everything above $100 will be cashed out Smile

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