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Hello maybe anyone remember my post for my world cup winnings.
How i say there i deposit 50€ for another Bonus from my winnings on WC and get 50€ Bonus money.So i play with 100€ these time.
I must bet for 300€ with a Quote for 1,4 to cashout.

I make a lot of bets in the first 3 days around 20-40 bets a day but only most time with small amounts between 1-2,5€ so the risk is not so high to lost much money when i have a Bad run.

I know that i not win much momey with so many bets a day,but i get the 50€ free money.And every profit was OK for me.The only target was not to lose my invest from 50€ and have a few good days and fun with betting.

The first day i have around 98€ so i lost 2€.
The secound day i have 105€ so i made a little bit profit.
Yesterday the third day i have 85€ but around 10 open bets for the next day.
And i have cleared between 120-130€ from my Bonus,so only 170-180€ to go for cashout after 3 days.

I want not made another bet these day so i decide to risk 5-10€ on slots.
After 1-1,5 hour on playing slots i have 104€ so i win around 20€

I look by the bonus and i See that when i play Bingo its the same as i will bet.So i was early in the morning maybe 2:30 am.
And i think i have made a little win on slots so i will smoke a cigarette,make a few Bingo rounds so i must bet not so much the next day and then i go sleep.
I dont play Bingo before,i try only 2-3 times no deposit offers for 5€ but i win nothing there.

And then i have a very lucky run.I win 2 times the little Jackpot for 56 calls 50€ & 100€ Big Smile
And a few other winnings and a few free money by the lucky wheel for reach the next level.It was on unibet Bingo.
In the end i clear the complete bonus with Bingo and i end at 6 am Blink
I have win over 270€ and i end with 260€ . I must deposit again 15€ so i can cashout on skrill.
So my withdraw is 275€ .Now i must wait 3-5 days for verified my papers before i get my money.
After all i have made 210€ profit in 4 days Big Smile
A little bit more profit so i get 5€ on my account and with a few open bets i reach 17€ again but i lost 2€ by Bingo so i have 15€ now and 4 open bets where when i will be lucky i can win another 40€.
Here a few pics.

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Posted by watoba:
I make a lot of bets in the first 3 days around 20-40 bets a day but only most time with small amounts between 1-2,5� so the risk is not so high to lost much money when i have a Bad run.

Congrats and all but having three dozen bets a day will guarantee bad results sooner than you would think.

Yes i know but how i say the target was only have fun and make a little bit profit.
When i have more then my deposit all its OK.
When i got on 75 € im happy.
When i have over 75€ in the end im very happy Blink
This had i think before i Start playing.
When i ve reach a amounts between 60-70€ before the bonus is clearded i had made not so many bets a day and change to 3-10 bets a day . Blink

Congratulation for your winning and good control of your self!!! could stop in small winning ,especially on slot really good control. And withdraw decision also another form of control. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Hopefully your luck will continue Smile Smile Smile Good luck

Thank you bowie and Serpang i need a lot of time and lost a lot of money before i learn it when is the right time for a cashout,or stop playing slots,its works not everytime but for 90% Blink
And i have a fix amount how much money i will spend for gambling in a month.

When i clear a bonus with profit or with a small lose ,i make a cashout and i search for another bonus.
When i play without a bonus i have a easy target maybe deposit 50 and cashout by 75
So with my winnings from 25€ i can lost by my next deposit from 50€ only 25 not the full 50€.
When i play on 2 or more sites and i have good winnings on one site to cashout,i play sometimes with a little bit more risk on the other site.

And i play to have fun.
I think so in the past i go many times in clubs and one night in a Club is a minimum for 50€
Now i go no more in Clubs and with 50€ now i have not not only a night ,i have days and Weeks and when its runs good i have more money as before.
And equal what happens if i win or lose all i have more from my money now as i have on my clubing days in the past
I will not miss my Party time but for my bankroll the time now is much better Blink

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Congratz Smile go on build u balance and go ahead play an big one then win it. Big Smile we all trying to do it hehe but some one has to win Big Smile.

Big congratulations for a marvelous achievement, watoba! Very well done! You are making money based on both skills and luck.
Take good care of yourself and keep climbing the ladder of success.

A good run indeed.
I have played many times bingo games in different sites, with loads of bonuses.
I have never managed to cash out there.I can say you got really lucky winning Smile
Keep up the good work.

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