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Hey boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and i'm running hot finally after getting killed with premium hands all over the place but look slike i may have found my night saver after all.

Playing the same run that i managed to finish 2nd in a couple of nights ago so hoping for at least a repeat of that performance.

Currently sitting 1 of 44 with top 12 paid out and over 155$ up top for the win.

My hand of the night obviously just hit QUAD MOTHA FREAKING JACKS against 77 and took big chip lead to break. add-on will happen shortly and more registration from here on out.

Be back with updates and still have a few other tables going with chips on each of them over starting stack. could be another good one!

Just hit nut flush against unsuited broadway. 2 of 40 now and add-on of 150k now. COuld be a another final table here in this same tourney if i can hold it all together.

Edited by TheIrish77 (09 August 2018 @ 07:15 GMT)

You are doing really well again in this tournament and i am looking forward to see how it finishes. It is always nice to hit the monster hands and extra sweet when you get paid for them

Just final tabled a small 11$ power turbo now. sitting 6 of 8 top 7 paid out!

ITM now on the final table of this 11$ buy in PKO.

Only 1 ko so far but now locked up 12.35$

ouch out in 7th for 15$.

AJ vs K10 i had flush draw on flop also and missed. sucks but on to the next one.

Just hit another break after 2 hour 55 minutes played chip leading still with only 25 players remaining. top 12 paid out 167$ up top so let f u c k i n g GO!

now 4th in a 7.50$ 1.5 k Bounty Hunter. 157$ up top plus Bounties. some how I'm 4th chip spot but have zero Ko's. pretty crazy.

Run good continue all over the place.

Wish me luck

wow final table bubble now in another run.

Edited by TheIrish77 (09 August 2018 @ 09:08 GMT)

Always fantastic ,Irish. I start jealous Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile . I tried so hard but far away compare your achievement. Just made profit at sit n go $0.5 buy in and never ITM at MTTs Aww crap! A lot card dead I got Aww crap! Aww crap! . Good luck for you

You are having a good run once more.
Maybe not a big profit, this time but you get your buy in back,
plus some profit Smile
Keep up the good work with more final table finishes.
Although with so many final tables, we should be wishing you only for first and second place Smile

Yes i too think you have very good results again, of course not 2nd place and not final table all time but still most the money and this is good to your bankroll. Good luck in future games.

Wow! Four of a kind, Jacks! I guess after you raised from the small blind with Pocket Jacks the big blind player with Pocket Sevens 3-bet rammed preflop.
Congratulations on your great results. Good luck in your next tournament.

I mean, I don't really know what else there is to say other then keep up the good work! If you continue like this youäll be playing the big buy-ins in no time and when you do, I think you really have the potential to be able to play poker for a living! Or at least part time, you're making a good amount of money I think!

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