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just in case you guys are wondering what my bank told me about my wire transfer...

Hi ......, we only received $ 101.19 from our corresponding Bank, JP Morgan Chase Bank NY. we only deduct documents stamps from your wire transfer, other charges is from corresponding bank.


EON Banking Group

Posted by bowie1984:
Posted by watoba:
And when you not have attention on your card and your number no support will really help you.Equal prepaid or your Bank card.

That's not true. If your card get cloned somewhere and somebody try to buy a pack of Marlboro/Amazon giftcard with it - let's say - in Peru, your bank will call/send you a text just to make sure you are doing it or not. Especially if it's a credit card because that is the bank's money.
Skrill won't do this. I personally know some people who had a really hard time recoup their money from Skrill after being scammed somewhere with their card.

OK i dont know where and when you get the Text,but what help this when anyone buy with your card and you get a E-Mail or so on,
I have not a real crédit card and i will never use a real one,but i think not when i have a real MasterCard that i must have a Handy too to confirm a sms when i will buy with the card.
So its help nothing when you got a Text.
I See all thinks that i buy on my skrill account.

And on the other sites in my terms from my bank is a great Bank from germany you can read,when you not have attention and handle careless with your card you get not only one cent back.
I think its will be so by any other Bank too.

And when your friends really handle so careless with this cards,thats people can copy there cards,thats is the own fault from your friends.

Equal with from my cards i use i have attention on the ATM or the Palace i use it is easy,i use only ATMs by supermarkets or other places where is a camera,so when anythink happens that anyone manipulate the ATM you can show the Bank thats not ur fault.
I will never give anyone my card in the Hand,that i a lot of thinks you can do for use a card safe.

And for me i prefer when i go out i have the most time only real cash in my pocket and not carrying a card by me,only i must really use it on ATM.
And i dont pay with cards in markets,i use it only for online shoping.In real live only real cash count for me not cards.But thats is only my meaning,anyone should handle this as he want.

I never had problems with wire transfer from any site that give this option without any first deposit!who know how many times I had cashout from party casino site trough bank transfer and everything was without fee!

Now its happens. by me too, one of my friends dont play Casino,and i tell him that i sometimes make money from no deposit offers from Casino,so we had time and register on a few sites and by one Casino we make it.So he dont play before and i show him a few thinks,tell him a few good slots and so on ,i play many years so i have a little bit experience and we spilt the money when we win.
We turn from 31$ to 150$ but a really stupid site,they take 60$ for a Bank transfer but you need 100$ to cash out ,so we look for other Option ,and Register a ecopay account,but you must first made a deposit with the ecopay.
Thats not the Problem but when you deposit they delete the money from the No deposit lol i never hear that before by any other site.
The last Option now is Bitcoin ,the support say there can we cashout with no fee and not to make a deposit before.
We will See what happens.

But fkn RTG Software Casino,the Casino was before by rival,As the Casino was by rival they had different Option to cashout,i cashout a few hunderte dollars from the site without a Problem in the past that was for 6-7 years i think maybe longer but now all is s**t.

And you hear many Bad Storys from RTG Casinos.And by many Casinos from RTG you have only Bank transfer with a big fee,or Bitcoin really stupid.
Maybe we See not only fkn cent from the site.

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Posted by watoba:
OK i dont know where and when you get the Text,but what help this when anyone buy with your card and you get a E-Mail or so on...

Jesus dude, no wonder Germany has the most retarded banking system in Europe.
It's simple - if you see that someone else using your card ('cuz your bank/card provider will let you know when there's unusual activity on your account) you call your bank and blacklist your card so the ones who cloned it/stole your identity cannot clear you out.
It's that simple.
Unless it's a Skrill card.

But the money is gone,and you get by the most providers not the money back,thats only they can buy not more.
That you have on any Bank when you want,i dont now if i had this by skrill maybe i can aktivste a E-Mail notification for the skrill card.
When i made a deposit or my withdraw is on my skrill account i get a E-Mail in a few secounds.
And skrill is a prepaid card but you can use it like a real MasterCard worldwide.
And for a prepaid card thats its absolut OK.I dont know where your Problem is.
And you can lost only what your have on skrill not more,on a real MasterCard you can lost much more.
So thats is a other good think for use a prepaid card.

And how i say before when anyone can copy your card that is for 99% your fault so your handle your card careless.

The other 1% is robbery/stealing your card and so on.

Edited by watoba (18 August 2018 @ 20:37 GMT)

The really matter in this kind of business is how many options have you in your country for make a withdraw and get the money. I use Netteller for keep my poker money in dollars and always accesive. But if I wanted to have my money in my pocket, I only could make a transfer to my bank in $a, and then buy dollars. So I would lost the same 33% Disagree

thats why you need to play on best casino or poker sites and then you will not have problems!play at biggest sites,that dont have fees for deposit or cashout,who give you money in two days and thats best option!this is very bad,to take so much money!

You was sure when you said “i'm pretty sure the issue is not in my bank. they don't charge any fees for incoming transfers”, so poker´s room wwas the thief. I never did it directly by the poker´rooms...any. In my case I did it only for try the sistem and after readed all the terms&conditions of the e-wallet. probably you do not need to use this method of obtaining money .... there are many other way

if this is something that poker room take,then this should be in lobby and you must know your rights when you want to cashout,same as when you want to deposit money!its not normal that they take such a big fee!

They may not charge fees for incoming transfers, but what about currency conversions?
They are charging some hefty amounts, some of them, and then go figure what has
It has happened to me in the pas, where i got charged expenses on top of that also.

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