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Didn't quit for the night and have something brewing! Top2  0   
Playing the Bounty Hunter $2.5K gtd PKO and already have myself 6 KO's and made a profit in this one just from bounty's 8.22$.

Sitting in top 5 at the break but need to get back. Just lost AA me vs QQ and river gods saved my oppenent with miracle Queen.

But just got a lot back with JJ holding up, and then AKhearts ME vs TT and hitting top pair and holding now into 2nd place!

Crazy day of ups and downs continues.

Edited by TheIrish77 (10 August 2018 @ 23:22 GMT)

Good work! You're really making a killing at these bounty games so keep going!

Out of curiosity, on average, how much do you make as profit in one month?

I'll be railing you until I fall asleep or my laptop battery is drained Blink

Haven't been raking in big numbers just a bit of profit so far. need to really make more of the deep run opportunities and win or top 2 only should be my goal.

I could have a lot more profits but haven't been as strong as i'd hoped

And yes these Bounty runs are my favourite obviously. get my money back eve n before the bubble bursts a lot of the time jist how aggressive i can be .

Well, either way you're doing way better then me! And lately I feel like I haven't had much success, even if my game has improved and I've made a profit. Things just hasn't been going my way as much as they should have based on probability. But hey, that's poker for you! And I'm sure the same thing applies to you. Eventually you'll get those huge wins! Keep going and you'll get one in no time! Smile

Yeah mate things could be worse. i have a decent BR to play with and I'm taking my shots everyday now. Might not win big amounts everytime out but i'm certainly making enough to have fun with decent buy-ins now. And the consistent deep runs are also very encouraging that i'm on the right path even if winning hasn't been the outcome. i'll take this play any day even if i can win the big one soon.

now sitting 11th at the break with 154 runners left and top 64 paid out.

Now have 7 Ko's for 10.28$ so almost doubled my buyin so that's all good so far.

Lost a few pots recently that took about 300K from stack but back in it again and pushing for the bubble.

Now sitting 17 of 101 with top 64 paid out in this run.

Over 226$ up top and that's not with all the bounties.

Need to get back but on the verge of another deep run ?

Tune in too see what happens.

Holy crap just went for it after flopping top pair and oppenent went nuts with air and i collect another Bounty and now top 5 with 82 left ! 8 Ko's 13.72$ earned so far. crazy runs continue and not the bad ones in the pants lol.

Could get very real tonight!

ITM now and sitting 9 of 63.

4 of 46 now after Aces hold against AK set iver top 2 pair for villain.

man crazy action now .

oh wow massive blow up again and getting called off by very weak hands. out in like 35th for over 22$ with bounties. sucks but what can i do but learn from this major catastrophe

Edited by TheIrish77 (11 August 2018 @ 01:55 GMT)

Very nice mate! I watched, that you have nice streak (final tables and now there) and you reach big position so far...

So I inducted you to BRM Hall of Fame.

Now we have 2 members here:
- Demodawggy
- TheIrish77

And I hope you will win something soon!

Congratulation !! Do you grinder or trial and error play ? You said win not much, but I always follow your news, should be you won few hundred $.

I wondering how you handle this case : get card dead since start until first hour end, second hour just win few chip so you have poor chip when third hour start. Would you waiting premium hand and shove? meanwhile you register to another MTT ? Mostly I got situation like that, impatient .play bad, and out from tourney.
Wish anyone share opinion Smile

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