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2 more big runs In Progress  +1   
Yep haven't slept yet and too pumped to think about it.

Got 2 good one's going...

Kick Off 750$ Gtd. Sitting 3 of 217 at this point.

Bounty Hunter 4K Gtd 6-Max and now 4 of 98 in this one so far with 5 Bounties earned for $17.86. so profit in this one and hopefully something massive. Top 48 paid out and over 420$ Upt top for 1st not including any bounties.

Craziness continues but will i run out of steam first ?

Well done so far Thumbs Up I curious why you always have nice stack ? do you always get premium hand at first & 2nd hour ? or you played crap card as well ? if get good feeling, of course . Wish your deep run continue until final table Smile Thumbs Up Good luck

Now 3 of 56 in this 4k Gtd Bounty Hunter. 7 Ko's now for $36.42 Top 48 Paid out.

Could be another one for the books!

ITM now and sitting 6 of 46 with 12.47$ in prize money locked up with the $36.42 earned in bounty's.

Another profitable run and a chance at much more.

Ouch got too risky with a draw and bounced in 41 for like 44$ sicks had opened ended straight and flush draws on flop and couldn't get away from it. guy had trip Kings and i couldn't catch up.

Well still have a life left in the 750$ gtd 6-Max DeepStack with over 127$ up top. 5 of 85 84 get paid.

Still sick over that missed chance in the Booty Hunter but what can u do? i've had enough good breaks this week i guess.

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As always you keep impressing me with these results. As I've said, before, it's only a matter of time before you get your next big score! Who know, it could be tonight! Good luck with your games!

Another nice result for you and a very healthy addition to an ever growing bankroll. When you flop so huge and do not hit, it can be a very frustrating experience but it does happen

Yes also good results like almost Everytime i read your posts, of course you sometime not think it is good results because you want to win all tournaments you play Big Smile but to finish in money is always a good result

Not bad results once more. Along with the big wins you had recently,
your grinding went good enough Smile Probably you have requested already a cash out,
for a portion of your bankroll. Smile
Good luck, with more big wins really soon. Thumbs Up

hmmm ... you have a really bright band in the life of a poker player ... in the last few days I constantly see your reports about another win .... it's cool dude .... I congratulate you on the good game and the great result of the last tournaments .. ..very cool ... keep it up

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