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I get 2 x5€ freebet on different sites.On a other site i had around 5€.
So i had 2 times freemoney and i decided to win sure on one site and make on the 3 sites a bet for 1/X/2
With a good Quote for each result.There i get 2 freebet i invest only 5€ from my real money for this.

The game ends X and i get 14,96€ on mybet.but i need there 30€ for a cashout.
Normaly i want play very safe with single bets.But i win yesterday by a private Poker cash game with a few friends over 100€ ,so my bankroll is good enoung for a little bit more risk now.

I made these two bets today and i have 7,50€ in my account,so when the bets go wrong i can bet again.
By 5 games in a bet a lot can happens but sometimes i'm lucky with these bets sometimes not we will see.
When i win these bets i can made a cashout,then i have around 33€.
But equal what happens it will by exciting games and i have a really good run in the last Weeks and made good money so when the bets go wrong thats will not kill me
Big Smile

Have a good weekend all and good luck what ever you do or play

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That was a good one.
The most safe bet with free money you can make.
Of course the ideal would have been with three bets, on three sites Smile
But you played it safe and smart Smile
Nice one. Good luck with the rest of your bets.

I wish you luck Smile How many casino account do you have? lol. do you make some note all of them ? And ever play again there, after withdraw ? So nice you get a lot of no deposit bonus. I couldn't register to a lot casino even without deposit bonus.

Thanks,in moment i have 16 aktive betting sites,maybe more i ask everytime before i Register on a site if i had a old account there.
And yes i have a few books where i note my login Details from the different sites,after 1-2 years i made a New book with the aktive account for this year.

With Poker and only Casino sites thats is a lot more.
I startet with online gambling in the year 2001 i think.
So its 17 years now and in this time i had play on the most sites,Poker/Casino/betting/Backgammon and so on 😉
And im hunting for good bonus offers Big Smile

Posted by Mober:
The most safe bet with free money you can make.
Of course the ideal would have been with three bets, on three sites Smile
But you played it safe and smart Smile

Neither Chelsea nor Juve was a sure thing, altough they looked like one before the kickoff. but they had to work very hard in the second halves to secure victory.
More games you put into an accumulator higher the risk you take. I would advise that you should only bet on single games.

Hero or zero i think 50:50 Blink

Chelsea and Everton win so i had now 22,77€ in my account.

And Monaco Miss a penalty dammed and the game was 0:0 the games before i win,so i lost the bet,but how i say before by 5 games in bet a lot can happens.

But i make around 7€ win the day not bad by 2 bets.

@bowie i made a lot of big winnings with Combi bets but normaly i take the most time 2 or 3 combination not more.
but i made a lot of single bets too.
I prefer to made both single and Combos and this system works good for me.
And a lot of other sure bets in the 5 bet combination,never Paris will lost the game.And sporting in Front as i write the text now,so i think only the Monaco will lost in this combination.

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I too like to do some bets in my local bookmakers and they too are combination bets, because it is good chance to get big coefficient firm favorite teams and make small money bet and win big money, of course many time you can lose but sometimes you win ajd it is big money

I'm doing sports bets not very often .... maybe because I very rarely get to win ... when I choose the obvious result with a small win to win good money you need to make a big bet ... and several times I was shocked when I lost this money .... and the rates of the express also very rarely win

LOL very bad news,mybet is broke,the site is on in moment and they try to keep the site open but nobodys know if this work.

UPDATE : Only the Main company is broke, The bet and Casino site is a other company from mybet in Malta and the money is safe Smile

Edited by watoba (19 August 2018 @ 14:11 GMT)

You managed to get an interesting amount of money from free bets so definitely a hero there but just use the money wisely and try to build it more and then cash out Smile

I wish I had the skill and knowledge to make successful sports bets but I know I couldn't care less about the research needed to make informed decisions so I would just end up losing money instead.
Good for you and keep up the good work!

you right erru, for sport betting we must know circumstances of the sport. Premiere league for example, we should read news about that completely if want to be winning gambler, not just cause support favorite club. I have a friend do that and win regularly.

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