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BankrollMob Forum » Poker Forum » ITM Top 10 Stack late. Same Run I took Down Last Sunday!

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  19-Aug-18, 19:20   #1
ITM Top 10 Stack late. Same Run I took Down Last Sunday! 0 
Joined: Feb '13
Location: Canada
Age: 42 (M)
Posts: 1204
Hey boys and girls hope everyone's having a great Sunday afternoon whatever you're up to.

Your boy TheIrish77 is doing what he did last Sunday and running well in 1 run. Same run that i happened to Bink. Can there be another repeat on hand? time will tell but i've got 3 Ko's so far for over 7.9$ earned and another $6.31 in prize money. so another freeroll and hope to make this one count.

Biggest hand so Far me AK vs AQ and i hit top 2 pair and hold.

Be back when we get deeper hopefully.

Holy Shnikes! Just hit Qauds against my opponent weak 56 os 2 pair and now top 10 stack !!! only 159 left in this one!

Just took down another Bounty KQ vs Q9os Villain and i hit top pair on river now. 4 ko's for over 11$. Top 8 Stack with only 143 runners left.

ouch and im out again. Kk vs TT and they set me on turn and gone. wow how it can all come crashing down so quick. i need to learn to get away from big starting hands a lot better obviously. still a lot to learn for me

Edited by TheIrish77 (19 August 2018 @ 19:51 GMT)


  19-Aug-18, 20:27   #2

Joined: Nov '11
Location: Poland
Age: 33 (M)
Posts: 1041
Hey, but you still managed profit Blink Maybe not so big as earlier, but profit is profit.

Good luck with next tournaments! And I will wait to hear about you at more pro's tournaments! Dollar Dollar Dollar

  19-Aug-18, 23:20   #3

Joined: Apr '12
Location: Hungary
Age: 36 (M)
Posts: 7030
Posted by Mysik86:
Hey, but you still managed profit Blink Maybe not so big as earlier, but profit is profit.

Well yeah, but not really. You need the mindset which helps you take down these tourneys not just finish ITM so its better to actually taking bigger risks for the higher payout than playing meek just for pennies in return.
TheIrish77 obviously have this killer instinct thats why he cannot say thats finishing ITM is good enough anymore Big Smile

  20-Aug-18, 01:46   #4
Joined: Sep '10
Location: Canada
Age: 41 (M)
Posts: 2273
Congratz on another good result Theirish77 just unlucky with the kings when you are in 1st place in chips with one hundred and twenty big blinds left you can coast to the final table. Thumbs Up Blink

  20-Aug-18, 04:40   #5
Joined: Jan '17
Location: Lithuania
Age: 61 (M)
Posts: 1756
Yes i again can say that this is a very good results because you get in the money and this situation is your bankroll not goint smaller, but of course after you win first place now you want more such results and i believe you will win again if try and try

  20-Aug-18, 07:34   #6
Joined: Mar '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 50 (M)
Posts: 7371
It is funny how some tournaments just suit your style of play and you keep doing well in them. It was a very cruel way to go out but you can only get your chips in good and cannot do anymore that that

  20-Aug-18, 09:11   #7

Joined: Mar '11
Location: Russian Federation
Age: 47 (M)
Posts: 6547
as I see in the screenshots you several times unlucky lucky .... winning with a small pair on your hand is always only luck ... but still I congratulate you on winning and I wish good luck in other tournaments .... maybe other tournaments will bring you more profit .... good luck

  20-Aug-18, 11:26   #8
Joined: Jan '10
Location: Indonesia
Age: 56 (M)
Posts: 1849
Congratulation for make profit and starting back to your good track Smile .You said : still a lot to learn, that's wonderful Thumbs Up Thumbs Up You will have good improvement since you look for way to better play. Good luck.

  20-Aug-18, 23:32   #9
Joined: Oct '11
Location: Sweden
Age: 28 (M)
Posts: 1342
Yet another in the money run for you! I get that you're not happy with the outcome tho, I would also be shooting for that win! But knowing you and your particular set of skills, I'm fairly sure that you will get another win soon enough! Keep it up my man!

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