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bSPIN Summer Sizzle - bwin  0   
The "BSpin” promotion will run from 00:01 (CEST) on 20.08.2018 to 23:59 (CEST) on 02.09.2018.

SPIN – Click “GO” to take today’s FREE wheel spin.
WIN – If you’re lucky, you’ll win one of our amazing daily prizes.
REPEAT – Come back and try your luck again each day until 02.09.2018.


Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (20 August 2018 @ 05:05 GMT)

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Thank you for this information i think it is important to see people post this information about promotion in all poker rooms and casino because many chances of win something and create bankroll for ni money from your bank

Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! unfortunately this organization went the wrong way ... instead of accepting players from russia they made an alternative site only with sports bets .... I do not think that this is the right decision ... in the end they lost a lot of players from russia .. .. and this promo is unfortunately not available to me Aww crap!

It is a fact the russia has many players, and that can be seen from poker tables,
in all the sites that are accepting russians.
Maybe that was the reason the offer is not valid for you any more.
Less players for the freebies, or some law or restriction, regarding your country.

As you can see, the bSPIN wheel has 8 spokes, so the probability of winning a prize is 7/8 or 0.875, which is seemingly high.
I won "Deposit and Get Free Spins" today, but this offer is not of interest to me.
Good luck to all mobsters!

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (20 August 2018 @ 19:37 GMT)

another promotion from bwin and another that I cant participate in!as I see every promotion that you tony have,we dont!so this must exclusive for your country,region or something like that!too bad that rest of us cant use it every day!

Not bad, not bad.

You won a Cash Prize: $2. T&C's apply!
Remember, you can claim a prize once a day until 02.09.2018.

Cash prizes are awarded as non-deposit bonus with no wagering restrictions and can be immediately withdrawn by the player, according to the promotional terms and conditions.
Extra money is always welcome.

I won nothing yesterday (Wednesday). That was ok. I didn't expect much.
And today I got this message again. LMFAO!

Unlucky! you didn't land on a prize.
Come back each day until 02.09.2018 for your next free one.

Hopefully my losing streak stops here.

well,one day you win free cash,one day nothing and its good!better then some desposit prize!just wonder for how many countries is this promotion and on what market that they give this!its strange how you have new promotion every day!just when one finish,new one start!

Yeah, I would definitely be happier if I win free cash every day, but that is not going to happen, unfortunately.
Today's prize: Deposit $50 & Get 50 Free Spins
50 free spins are pretty cool, but I am going to have to decline this offer.

all depend what kind of terms they give with this offer!if there is only to wager winning from this free spins offer,then its good promotion and its very good to use it!I would take this offer if I have it!but its up to you will you use it!good luck!

Today is the 6th day of the bSPIN promotion. I got 5 free spins on "Mega Fortune Wheel." After spinning, a $0.40 bonus with a 40x wagering requirement was credited to my bwin account. I bet it all at live dealer Roulette table ($0.20 minimum) and lost it all.

this is not bad amount from 5 free spins,when we know what kind of slot this is and thats very hard to win anything with small number of lines!but maybe you collect in few days some amount and then start to wager it!it will be hard on this way!

You've won a Bet&Get Bonus! Play $100 to receive a $5 bonus.
Remember, you can claim a prize once a day until 02.09.2018.
Bonus must be claimed within 24 hours. Wagering req. varies and must be met within 3 days; Only wagering on Slot games count toward the bonus; Full promotional T&C's apply.

The problem with this offer is that I will have to wager on slot games ONLY to receive a paltry $5 cash. I am hesitant to spend my own money on any slot machine.

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (26 August 2018 @ 19:50 GMT)

I not have account in bwin so not can play in this promotion, of course can create new account but not have time to play games now and not lot money too, but i see some people in this forum win some good prize and congratulations to them

I didn't win anything yesterday. It was the third time I didn't land on a prize since the promotion started.
Today's result: 5 free spins on "Mega Fortune Wheel"
The last time I got free spins I could not manage to convert them into cash. 5 free spins are simply not enough.

its better to get offer like last one,to bet 100 and to get 5,then this 5 free spins on mega fortune wheel,where you get few cents,in best 1 $ and then to you need to wager 40 times this winnings!if you have money at bwin,it would be hard to wager only 100 $!

I have been running like sh*t since I transferred virtually all my money from my bwin, partypoker/PartyCasino, and other online gaming/betting accounts to my personal bank account the other day. Well, maybe I just had been running above EV, LOL.

I totally forgot that I had a $0.52 bonus which needed to be wagered 40 times the bonus amount. Wagering $20.80 to get $0.52 seems completely unreasonable to me. I would rather play a couple of sit and go tournaments instead.
Good luck to everyone tomorrow.

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (30 August 2018 @ 07:37 GMT)

I got some free spins for loot'm worth 20 cents per bet, but also had free spins for mega furtune (i think) only worth 9 cents Confused So winning some thing is very hard. Yesterday i had some luck when i got 5 euro cash for free Worship

More of that please Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Good luck in spinning !

Grtz milantimko

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