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Stars finally offering some freebies and directly form themselves.

100$ Hyper Turbo with 3K starting stack. Over 16$ up top. shouldn't take to long too run either.

Just was passing through looking at the WCOOP tourneys and saw this one for al lthe heads in here.

Since they are in poker stars, it will be difficult to hit final table.
Freeroll, with how many thousands of players? Smile
Good luck to all the ones that will try to get some dollars out of it, or should i say cents Smile

of course after a long break this poker room began to offer freerolls to at least somehow compete with other poker rooms that freerolls offer much more ... but of course players there will be unthinkable a lot and therefore to win something serious is almost impossible ...

This is good news for those playing at PokerStars, especially for those who don't mind playing against a massive number of unknown players from all over the world.
I haven't played on PokerStars for quite a long time, and I have no intention of playing there again at the moment.

This is a great promotion but unfortunately it'll be very difficult for anyone to win any kind of decent prizes from these. There are just too many players interested in these tournaments I think. But this is still a very generous offer compared to what else there is available out there at the moment so a good move from their part.

Already change!! Price pool isn't $100 anymore, but $200 and not every hour, certain hour. Don't know how many entries usually, don't try yet. Anyway I prefer play micro MTT instead of small price pool freeroll.

I remember when i play at pokerstars there is lany freerolls, but later nit much and i stop play, now you day there is some freerolls and this is good, but very many players in pokerstars freerolls do it is hard to make money and build bankroll fir free

In lieu of the other JokerStars freerolls which are practicaly dissapeard altogether (okay theres some private ones which are good and the school pass things but still...) I welcome this fresh and enlightened approach by Amaya - realizing that the majority of their userbase is still there for the freebies alone.


I think these tournaments are good to hope we can get something out of the Pokerstar room, luck to everyone who plays there. Thumbs Up

... Big Smile< .... Yes,....the cheap bastards tossed the peasantry a few Thumbs Down

... Big Smile< ....I think it would be better to be a shareholder and you wouldn't even have to play ANY poker at all to rake in absurd amounts of profit...!

... Big Smile< ...I'm SO ashamed to be a Canadian now that they set up their head office in Canada... Thumbs Down

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How long has it been, since we last saw someone saying that there are freerolls,
in poker stars or full tilt for everyone.
They are only 100 USD freerolls and from the post above now 200 USD,
but it is better than nothing.
With some luck you may get extra money into your account.

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .... interesting .... interesting ... freerolls for 100 dollars ... then freerolls for 200 dollars ... then freerolls for 300 dollars .... it's interesting when they reach the top .... but anyway it's not for me ... I'm disappointed in this poker room .... for me

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