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Starting @ Midnight BR Grind Challenge $50 or $100 Starting ?  0   
Hey boys and Girls hope all my forum friends are well and happy. If you're not sorry and hope that you cheer up soon.

So TheIrish77 will be making a deposit tonight on PokerStars and hoping to run up a nice BR and grind that sucker until that graph is looking Mt. Freakin Everest. Lol no but really hope to positively make a stamp on this site especially playing those Hypers that i've missed dearly.

Will Start the journey as stated around midnight and see where the night/morning takes me as i'm thinking i could do 12 hours no problem as i've had a 20 hour session not long ago. Will be playing mostly $2.20, $3.30 , $5.50 MTT's and some S & G 180 man

Starting stack will either be $50 or $100 will make up mind later where to stick my money and might try another site as well maybe 888 but never been a big fan of theirs. Any suggestions on somewhere to play other than the bigger brands.

Have a great afternoon ladies and gents and see you later with some updates along the way.

All the best for your grinding with your deposit.
Lets hope you are going to hit big, soon again... Smile

Glgl man im still playing on stars also but mainly just spin n goes as i like fast cash or busts lol

Sorry guys not tonight after all. Somethings wrong with my E-Check service with Stars and can't deposit via normal methods. Try Again tomorrow during business hours.

You have been doing incredibly well on partypoker lately. We are all confident that you will be able to replicate your success on PokerStars.

“The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.”
— Zig Ziglar

I know that you like to play lot of small buy in tournament,but when I see how good you play in last period and with your winnings,you could play one or two bigger tournaments!I think that you will have luck and that you maybe will win bigger amount!good luck whatever you decide!

Good luck buddy, I would suggest a $100 deposit but would recommend you not play for 12 hours and not start at midnight. Or at least sleep very well before doing it...

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