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Hey boys and girls i guess not getting on Stars tonight might payoff.

Just Final tabled a small 3.30$ Buy-in. Bounty Hunter 6-max Turbo 200$ Gtd.

Sitting 4 of 6 with over a Milly in chips so still can play some different hands.

Got to get back to the action. Wish me luck !

3 of 3 Now

Just hit break and still 3 of 3. haven't really been knocking people out unfortunately so might not be the best win if i can pull it out. A win's a win but sometimes money does matter in the end.

Need some air for the finish to try and bring home a 3rd Victory in the past week or so!

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It is quite remarkable in how well you are running at the moment and it continues again today. Even though you need a lot of luck to win any tourney, you must also play very well to earn that luck so well done again my friend

Yeah luck definitely plays big part but the game has evolved immensely at this point.

Yeah i'm a bit shocked the deep consistent runs i've been pulling off and with more luck could easily have taken down a few others.

weird my Final table is paused with problems but my other run is okay. head scratcher on this one Confused

ouch now not playing at all on final table. this sucks.

Bam and the Kid does it once more time. 2 days after the last Take down and around the same amount of money. took home just over 80$ with bounties on a $6.60 Investment so good return again. 1 bullet fired and 1 add-on late in run.

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ha....ha...Unusual for you didn't knock out your opponent. Since make profit and reached final table (important for your confidence ) . You decent to get congratulation Smile Smile Always there are up and down, you will back to best performance for sure. Good luck

You are still running very hot.
Another top finish in just a couple of days, with a good pay out once more.
It worth the time and money invested Smile
Dont stop playing now. Play as many tournaments as you can, now you are still on fire Smile
Same luck to your next games.

Around $80 from a $3.30 buy-in is really good. I know you're used to getting some of those huge bounty scores but hey, it's still a really good result and profit is always profit! You just keep doing what you're doing and everything will work out just fine for you!

it's very nice when on the final table you get a real advantage in winning .... Of course if you go to the final table with the smallest stack it's hard to impose a fight ... but everything is real in this world .... you play cool ... I congratulate and I wish good luck in the future game Thumbs Up

Keep up the good work you should move up buy in level with the crushing of the micros stakes Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Wow WTG mate I told you that if you keep up the good momentum from recently good runs you will very soon repeat the performance. I wish you more luck for this week end as I smell something nice again coming Smile

Did I say, that you've gone so far? Smile I say that again - you're great mate. It's so nice to admire that you still have awesome form.
And I only imagine how other players' feel, when they see nick The Irish 77 - they must s**t in their pants, cause they know, that you will eliminate them Smile


And $82 from $3.30 means huge 24x profit! Dollar Dollar Dollar

wow, so now you binked 3 tournaments in the space of week or so and keep going strong, also cashed in almost every tournament you play. fcukin amazing, I just cannot understand why this happens but we see similar situations with poker pros, random players where they keep losing for ages and then hit a hot streak and start winning everything left and right... Confused

That winning strike, must cover the losing one when it happens.
Unless you hit some major payouts and you can afford the losses.
Bankroll management of course is a must in every case.
There is no need going bankrupt at the end. Smile

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